Hi guys, I'm having major issues with the E-Newsletter Plugin

I recently used the e-newsletter plugin and it worked fine...now when I try to use the plugin it's not allowing me edit nor save any work...this is what is is doing: when I try to create a new e-newsletter, it will allow me to choose a theme; however, the content that I enter will not save. The "saved" button is AUTOMATICALLY pressed or jammed is the best way I can describe it. I have attempted to troubleshoot the issue by deactivating the plugin; deleting the plugin (as well as all associated files); and re installing the plugin. I ended up losing my work but didn't mind being that I always send a copy of the newsletter to myself via email... I have no idea where to start if you guys would be so kind as to guiding me... Hyper50 will be a VERY HAPPY CAMPER! =)