Hi - Thanks for the plugin - Now I cant seem to find how to let people log out? and also the upgrade

Thanks for the heads up about the login plugin

Okay so now I am logged in a separate browser as a mid level member and am accessing my 'account' screen - all good until I scroll down and it shows me that I can 'upgrade' to a lower level AND I have to pay for that! - How can I stop people being able to upgrade to a lower level?

Also I have created a visitor level so that I can give rules for access to strangers = visitors but now the visitors option is showing up on the registration screen - can I have a free level and have it 'hidden' - I dont want people to be able to sign up for free to my site - I have an email sign-up already.

Also the sign up box keeps coming up with a CSS free zone - ugly - and in its text it says 'this is an error' - any idea why that is?
Thanks in advance