Hi, what is your recommendation for site-branded, seamless logins?

I do not like the Wordpress branded login, logout and password reset pages on my site. They disrupt the user experience and I would like to integrate those into my site theme. I currently have regular user registration disabled. If users need to register from a child site, I open a new tab for people register to my multisite on my main blog via a custom membership plugin (wp-client). Once they are subscribers, I use join-my-multisite to automatically give them access to all child blogs. I use an ajax sidebar login on all sites to avoid the login page or disrupting where the user is when possible. I am currently using theme-my-login to redirect login/password resets. The "log in" page that posts send people too is fine, on the child blog. Not ideal, but OK is that lost password reset requests open up the main parent blog. What does not work at all for user experience I think is the logout. When a member is on a child blog and clicks to log out, we get the "are you sure" error logging out then clicking again takes you away to the parent blog. I've narrowed it down to the theme-my-login plugin. Logouts keep users on the same blog when I disable it.
I'm not sure the best route to go. I use an ajax sidebar plugin for seamless logins which work fine, if they use that and are registered. The lost password link takes them away to the main blog though. Is there a way to keep it on the same blog? I found a solution to the logout being broken on another wpmudev article (https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/daily-tip-are-you-sure-you-want-to-logout-error-heres-the-fix/) but I'm not sure how to use this if I am using the theme-my-login to keep at least the log in page pretty, and the author does not support multisite.
Ideally I would like the login link by comments (users must be logged in to comment) to be ajax, like the sidebar is, keeping them on the same page, or at least use the same site theme and redirect them back where they were after they log in. Password reset I would also like for members to stay on the same blog, as well as logouts, while using the site's theme instead of the Wordpress branded login/logout/password reset pages.
I'm going in circles. Can you please give me your best recommendation for the direction I should go, or if you already have a solution to setting up this experience? I am using a Divi child theme for all my multisite sites for this.
thank you!