Hidden Groups in MailChimp Don't Display in Hustle

I'm trying to use the Groups function of MailChimp to assign when someone subscribes through Hustle, but I don't want the groups visible to the user. If I make the Group hidden in Mailchimp, it doesn't display the options to select in the Hustle Plugin. If I make the Group not hidden in Mailchimp, it displays fine in the plugin, but then also shows to the user.

FYI, given the Hustle plugin has this text in it:

What you select here will appear pre-selected for users. If this is a hidden group, the interest will be set but not shown to users.

I'm guessing Hidden groups should indeed work there...

Would there be a way to simply check an option in Hustle to treat a non-hidden group as a hidden group, ie: letting you select it in the plugin, and not display it to the user?

Also, even though the field names are correct, I'm getting the Invalid Email Address error when a user submits the opt-in.

  • Paul Kevin
    • Neo

    Hello artroom ,

    Hope you are well today. By default hidden groups are set as selected in Hustle i.e. users are subscribed to the groups by default and the options wont show in the Mailchimp configuration. Regarding the error on submitting the form, could you confirm if the form field name was changed?

    Warm Regards
    Paul Kevin

  • artroom
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Paul.
    I'm well thanks. If you have a group of Checkboxes (or Radio buttons) in mailchimp, when you select that in Hustle, you then get the list of items in the group to choose. However if you have a group of Hidden in mailchimp, Hustle will not show you the list of items in the group to choose from. Are you saying all items in that group are subscribed to by Hustle and there is no way to change it? That is the whole purpose of groups - being able to select which item in a group you want to subscribe to.
    If for whatever reason you are unable to extract the list items from mailchimp from a hidden group (which I would doubt), then we need an option to use Checkboxes in the plugin, but simply make them hidden to the user on the front end.
    As for the field names, yes, I was told by support there were errors there (but the css was hiding them) and I needed to change the field names to match Mailchimp. So I tried that, but now it is worse. It was in fact working before, but now it doesn't work at all, and no emails are passed through to mailchimp.
    Also, I couldn't find any instructions as to how to properly match the fields between Hustle and Mailchimp. Hustle has a 'Label' and a 'Name' for each field. Mailchimp has a 'Field Label' and a 'Tag'.

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