Hide and seek with WPMUDev support?

I’ve got an unresolved support thread on the Membership plugin that hasn’t been responded to in over a week. And that one response was making sure I was using the plugin correctly (which I was). I had already done basic testing when I filed the ticket. (disabled all plugins and switched the theme to 2011, reinstalled the plugin, etc.)

It’s kind of a major issue that breaks basic WordPress functionality on a clean install, even throwing PHP errors. I was hoping for a little attention…maybe some “quick, comprehensive support”… :wink:


Here are my actual questions for this ticket (other than, can someone please look at the other ticket?! :slight_smile: ):

> What is interrupting the flow of great support at WPMU Dev?

> When a ticket falls by the wayside, what’s the best way to bring it to your attention?

> Generally, what kind of support do you try to offer? The tagline above this box says “Get quick, comprehensive support for any WPMU DEV product or WordPress related question…” Should I expect a response within 24 hours on plugin issues, longer, or what?

Thanks. :slight_smile: