Hide end time, show days of week possible?

Hi everyone,
I'm currently trying to adapt the Appointments+ plugin to my needs.

So far, I have successfully:
installed it on a WP multisite
translated into different languages for each site
integrated with Google Calendar (3 services + 3 "dummy" service providers).

Last thing to change is the way the weekly schedule is displayed to the site visitors:


1 - "Our schedule from September 1, 2014 to September 7, 2014" is to cluttered. How can I make the text bigger and more spaced out?

2 - The first available time slot starts at 14:00 and the last one at 20:15. How can I hide the end time? (e.g. 15.15, 21:45)? I only want to display start times.

Ideally, I would like each of the time slots to display only the start time (like it happens on the Monthly schedule) and eliminate that first column. Is it possible?

3- Display the corresponding date under each weekday?
At the moment it shows - Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr,Sa, Su
Is it possible to have: Mo (line below) 01-09-2014); Tu (line below) 02-09-2014 ... and so on?

4- When a time slot is no longer available, it places an "X" and greys the section out. Can I replace the "X" with a strikethrough over the start time - see question 2 (and grey it out) ?

Thank you :slight_smile: