Hide Genesis framework upgraded notice from non Super Admin

I have a multisite installation using Pro Sites and running the Genesis framework, with the individual sites using child themes.
I have a must use plugin set up to direct admins & other users of the individual sites to their dashboard when they log in so they can see a custom welcome message. That is working well except after I upgrade the Genesis framework. When they log for the first time after an upgrade to Genesis they see the "Welcome to Genesis" genesis upgraded page. I want to hide that page from all except Super Admins.
I have tried doing this with the following must use plugin, but it doesn't work:

function hide_genesis_updated() {
if ( !is_super_admin() ) { ?>
<style type="text/css">
page=genesis-upgraded {
display: none;
<?php }
add_action('network_admin_notices', 'hide_admin_page_genesis-upgraded' );

Any corrections to the above, or alternative solutions would be much appreciated!