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Hello everyone,
I just realised that some plugins that are network activated still appear in settings on each website, being visible to site admins. Akismet or Imsanity are just two examples.
I don't want to show Imsanity settings to admins, and I guess we all know the reason. But that's just an example... Could be any other plugin.

Now, to solve this issue, I've installed Admin Menu Editor (adminmenueditor.com) in mu-plugins folder and works almost as I would like to.
The only issue is that I have to change the menu settings site by site.
Now I only have a few blogs, and I guess I can do all the changes in a couple of hours.
But if the network grows, and I install a new plugin that shows in Settings in every site's admin menu, I'll have to go back and change it for each and every site again and again.

Is there a way I can simply go into network dashboard and select to hide/show a specific item on all the websites?

I know this is not available (yet) on Ultimate Branding, but maybe you have another solution. Thank you for your time and support.


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @Marius

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    I just tested Admin Menu Editor installed in mu-plugins, and any changes I make on any site as super-admin are reflected on all sites in the network.

    Did you perhaps skip the step of moving admin-menu-editor-mu.php from admin-menu-editor/includes to /wp-content/mu-plugins/?

    Once that file is moved, only the super-admin can see the settings for that plugin, and changes made by the super-admin affect all sites in the network.

  • Mario
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Patrick,

    Trust you had a great weekend as well!

    OK< so case solved. Just to explain: I installed the plugin correctly and then I've did the changes to one of the websites.
    I saw everything is OK, so I assumed I only have to make the changes to all the other websites in the network.
    Before starting doing that I said I'd better ask, just in case, maybe I'll get a better solution.

    As you already realised, I asked before checking if the changes were automatically made to all the sites, because that would have been to nice to be true.

    Yeah, now I'm smiling. Thank you so much and sorry for bothering you. Indeed, some things are nice and true: The changes made to one website are automatically propagated to all the websites. :slight_smile:

    Wish you a nice week!


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