Hide Members/Posts search block

I would like to hide "Members/Posts search" block only at my front page. Only registered members can view this block.. Please advise.

Please refer screen shot.

  • Alexander
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    Hey @arizuan,

    I just responded on your other thread as well. Wherever you respond back is fine, I'll just close down the other thread.

    Would you mind giving a link to the site or letting me know what theme that is? Changes like this are different for every site, but if I can see the site live or see the code I can get you some CSS to help.

    Best regards

  • arizuan
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Alex,

    The given CSS remove the whole block as a whole.. It is might be useful for my registered users/Members later on..

    Is there any other way to only hide it from "Visitors/Strangers" at the homepage??

    And make it viewable at other pages...

    Or maybe you might have other suggestion for me to use other themes??


  • Alexander
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    Having it show up conditionally would actually involve adding a good bit of code here, as it was designed to be a key element of the page.

    If this really bothers you, and you're open to looking at other themes, I would recommend doing that.

    Or, if you want to stick with this theme, I can make a recommendation of how this can be done using the is_logged_in function. I wouldn't be able to code it all for you, but could point you in the general direction.

    Best regards

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