Hide Sermon menues from the admin bar for Authors and cannot see an option.

I need to hide the SERMONS functions buttons and URLs from the ADMIN BAR for users logged on with Author profiles. At FRONT-END only because the backend is already hide with Easy Blog, Branding and an Advance Access Manger plugin. I believe it's a call function ab-item while doing an inspect element on a .php page. Can't remmember right now the exact page.

I set up WPMUDEV plug-ins to control the access and admin bar functions, but SERMON aren't available to be hide. I already try disable/enable and unistall/install all plugins.

Url: http://encuentrocelestial.com

Site Registration is now disable and will be enable if needed in order you can register and test the Author profiles to see the available menues. I also can provide privately an admin user if needed.

Any help will be appreciate...