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Hi, can you develop a plugin to permit to hide all the spam users and blogs in their respective list pages?
I'm using anti-splog, but having a lot of pages, with a lot of spam blogs/users it's really hard to navigate them (to set as spam blogs and users).
A plugin which will hide them will be very useful

Maybe also one to mass delete spam users/blogs older than X days/months... in order to clean and remove stuff, aka trash, from the db

  • drmike
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    I'm assuming that you mean on the Dashboard -> Site Admin -> Blogs and Users pages? I believe the majority of those p[ages aren;t pluggable and such a change would require a core edit. Bringing that up on trac would probably be best.

    I know we stay on top of sploggers though and will block IP addresses when we see them creating splogs over and over again. For some reason though Donncha was dead set against having the ip address display anywhere a site admin can view it.

    Maybe also one to mass delete spam users/blogs older than X days/months

    Already exists in a couple different forms. Here's one for example:


  • Sue
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    Personally I would be very careful about deleting them. I've had legitimate blogs contact me months later to requests blogs be unspammed.

    However, I'm curious about 'with a lot of spam blogs/users it's really hard to navigate them' . With the number of blogs and users I manage on all our different sites I've never had any trouble., Do you mean in Site Admin > Blogs and Site Admin > Users or Site Admin > Anti-splog?

    Edit: just checked through your previous posts. I'm guessing you are using a BuddyPress site with the splogs causing havoc in the activity page. So I should follow up to say on my BuddyPress site I do automatically delete both user and splog when it is obvious they are sploggers while I don't on the WPMU sites.

    In terms of controlling them have you tried reducing the Limit Blog Signups Per Day in Anti-splog? If not, might be worth changing it to 1 or 2. We use unlimited on Edublogs because schools often have lots of blogs being created from the one IP address. But most sites don't need to use unlimited.

  • drmike
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    Do you mean in Site Admin > Blogs

    That's one of the reasons why you have to stay on top of marking splogs as spam and blocking IP address if you notice one being used over and over again. If you don;t do so, you'll get shown as being an east target and all it takes is a single post on a black hat forum for you to have 100k of them the next morning.

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