Hide specific tabs, links and rows with Adminimize

Hello, hope you're doing well!

I would like to hide some tabs, links and rows in the Appointments+ plugin for site users. I´m using a multisite install and don't want my clients to see the Google Calendar, Add Ons and Logs tabs inside the plugin. I also don't want them too see the payments link / page (#section-payments) and also don't want them to see some rows in Accessibility and Payments sections (I want to hide the rows for Facebook and Twitter APIs).

My intention is to configure a template (with WMPUDEV Blogs Template plugin) with my own (a site wide) Paypal, Facebook and Twitter information to avoid the hassle of having my users individually configuring these for each new site. Also this would centralize things and easen things for me.

I am using Adminimize as Superadmin and all new sites would come with it already installed with these hiding options. Bear in mind that adminimize is activated on a per site basis, since network activation would pose a security risk, given how Adminimize behaves in such mode.

Although I know how to use Adminimize, I cannot find the IDs/Classes for the items I want to hide in Appointments+ with Firebug in Firefox. The IDs/Classes I found for these items do not work when I place them into custom fields in Adminimize.

I am sending screenshots of the items I want to hide. Could you help me to find their IDs/classes and how may I put them in Adminimize?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello lfungarelli,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Some of the sections/elements that you wish to hide does not have any designated specific selectors. They can be addressed via CSS but I"m not sure if Adminimize will honor such kind of selectors. Let me list them for you though :slight_smile:

    1. The "Facebook/Twitter" details from the first screenshot:

    #app-settings-section-accesibility .api_detail:nth-child(11)
    #app-settings-section-accesibility .api_detail:nth-child(12)
    #app-settings-section-accesibility .api_detail:nth-child(13)

    2. Payment section (2nd screenshot)

    The "Payment" link:

    .appointments-settings .subsubsub li:nth-child(4)

    Content of entire "Payment" page:


    3. The "Google Calendar" section (3rd screenshot)


    4. Add-ons and Logs tabs


    In case that still didn't work with Adminimize, you may want to go for a CSS that can be added to backend e.g. with our Ultimate Branding plugin.

    The CSS would just require adding this rule to aforementioned selectors


    I hope that helps!

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello lfungarelli!

    I'm happy I could help!

    I found this selectors with Firefox "Inspect element" tool, though in case of those that include "nth-child()" part it's just a little "trick" to address elements that do not have any specific class/ID assigned.

    I think that following this examples you should be able to proceed but in case you needed any additional help with it, just let me know here :slight_smile:

    Have a great year too!

    Best regards,

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