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I need to find a way to hide the subscribe button after a new user signup. I want to prevent users from accidentally overlooking that button and putting the responsibility on me having to activate each new account in the backend.

Currently I use only one level but will like to hide the button for now if that's possible.


  • Mason


    A bit more information on what subscribe button you're referring to would be helpful. The one inside the subscription form or another on your site?

    Depending on where it's located you could hide it with a shortcode within the Membership plugin or you could use the is_user_logged_in() method. Tammie has a video on it here:


  • drdave

    Hey Masonjames


    the subscribe button after a new user signup

    It appears immediately after successful signup. In my case just one button will show on that page since I only have one subscription level at the moment.

    You can see it on this page
    Directly under
    >>A BuddyPress membership site, where different groups and blogs are only visible to members, so members can join for free and then upgrade to key groups and forums <<

    If I must see that video I will check it later on another pc. Dell Laptop will crash when viewing videos.

    Thanks for the extra weekend help

  • drdave

    Never mind masonjames I see what's going on but if you don't mind me posting this since I think it still sorta relate to the same thing.

    I notice that if I signup a new user, they are immediately sent email/password while at the same time the subscription page is loaded.

    Even though they have not yet selected the subscription at this point, they were still sent their email and password.

    If the user for whatever reason closed his/her browser at this point and try to later login with their credentials they only get "Sorry, this account is not active."

    " So they might even attempt to click on "Lost Password" and enter their email address to reset their password but to no avail since the account is inactive.

    In my experiences and unfortunately many users are not that computer savvy and might never come back.

    Maybe if the subscription button could be placed on the registration page immediately above the SingUp button and they were able to somehow work together, I might have a better chance of not losing them.

    Just my suggestion. Not sure if anyone have a work around.

    Would be nice.

  • Mason

    Hiya drdave,

    You bring up some valid points and it's one of the tricky bits about creating a membership system using WordPress. The username has to be created before you have anything to attach the membership - if that makes sense.

    Folks run into a similar issue with the Supporter plugin because of the same thing. I agree with you that it is far from the most elegant solution. If there's a way around it, I haven't found it yet, but I'd be all ears as well! :smiley:

    We're thinking about ways to streamline this process even more. The same thing happens even for our signup here. You can signup as a user, get your email and password, but then never actually select a subscription. Doing so leaves you unable to access any content of course, but you still have an "inactive" username.

    Thanks for the feedback though. Sorry I can't be of more help at this point.

  • hypermediadotca

    I have a potential workaround for this problem as well as a question

    - Create a membership level for registered but unpaid members - eg: Trial Members

    - Create access rules for this level where even if logged in they are re-directed to the subscription page

    - In Membership > options > User registration
    ..... Use subscription - "Trial Members"
    ..... Make sure to "allow incomplete sign-ups"
    ..... Stranger Settings - "none"

    - This should set any registered user as "active" but restricts them from content without paying. Once the user selects a subscription level and pays, they are immediately switched over to that access level.

    - You can create free trials this way by giving this level of membership access to a paid subscription level for a finite number of days before reverting back to a trial basis, automatically upgrading, or deactivating the account, depending on what access level you put underneath the trial access level.

    now my question:

    - I have done this for my buddypress/membership network but it's not exactly what I need.

    - I would like to know how to allow users to register for a trial (as above), but hide the subscription options until they have been invited by an already registered user.

    - I would also like to split up the subscription options so registered users can invite trial users to subscribe at a certain level, not all subscription levels in one place.

    - I would also like the registered user who invited the trial user to subscribe to be notified of their subscription.

    - I am also having trouble with the upgrade/downgrade options but I am still doing research on this.

    I appreciate the help and am really close to finishing my network!


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