Hiding custom content from users

We are setting up a site with our custom content types the goal is that when each content item is created it is assigned to specific user for their viewing only (unless you are a admin, or staff level role). We've been playing with many of the different User Access plugins out there and cannot seem to find one or more to point how to achieve this.

So the staff member creates custom content item.
Assigns it to a user.
When user logs in they can see only the content assigned to them.

Our issue is that other users are still able to access the content or are able to see that the item exists.

We want to be able to hide all content and categories, tags etc... and only show those assigned to that particular user.

I've been at this for some time and just running in circles now trying to get something to work. I'm hoping someone can help guide me in what I am doing wrong for this. I have no issue trying different plugins either so fire away the ideas.

If helps we are using WCK pro for our CT as we are working with embeded video content that is highly sensitive in nature.