Hiding widget options from certain sites?

I am using a plugin called Sportpress, which is a sports plugin that allows teams to create their leagues, fixtures, results etc.

I am having a problem with widgets though, whenever a team creates a new league - the league can be view in the widget drop down on every site.

When Team A signs up to have a site and creates their leagues etc, Team B, Team C etc can choose that Team (their site) from the options in the drop down.

How can I prevent this from happening and only allow them to only choose their league table.


  • Rupok

    Hi Charlie,

    the league can be view in the widget drop down on every site

    That widget comes with the Sportpress plugin, right? In that case, I'm afraid, you will have to modify the code of that widget so it looks for data only within the current site scope.

    Now, as SportPress is a third party plugin, I'm afraid, I've no idea regarding their coding and architecture. So I'm not sure exactly where to edit and how to edit that widget code, but the plugin developer can give you best idea regarding this as he developed the plugin. Can you please contact the plugin developer regarding this? I believe, he can give you the best solution or workaround.

    Please let us know what he says about this. If there is anything required from our end, we will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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