Hiding WPMU DEV Dashboard options

My objective is to set up a site for a client, then pass it off to them and let them take the reins. But I cannot have my account info accessible to the client via the WPMU DEV Dashboard. From what I gather, I have two options:

1. Hide or disable the Dashboard from the client, but they won't be able to do updates, install other plugins, or change theme.
2. Give them full access to my Dashboard with all my sensitive account and personal info.

I've been scouring your forums and other sites trying to come up with a solution or workaround for this, but with no success. If I can't get around this, it may very well be a dealbreaker for me, unfortunately, because I like everything else about WPMU DEV's software.

Are these really my only two options if I want to pass off full control to the client (including updating ability or changing theme)?