High Bounce rate from major email providers


Getting a very high bounce rate- roughly 80%

I’m not even getting my own subscription – I was, then gmail started blocking me – aol and others are bouncing my Sunscribe By Email – emails as well, I’m throttled back to 19 per batch.

I send one a day, I average 25 posts a day, so there’s aound 25 links per email..

  • faydra_deon
    • WordPress Warrior


    Are you on a shared or dedicated IP?

    If you’re on a shared IP, this could be happening because you’re sharing an IP with one or more spammers who may have gotten the IP blacklisted by Google.

    The quickest fix, if it is an IP ban, is to switch to a dedicated IP, because it takes days and days to get unbanned by Google.


  • grumpy
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    Thanks faydra_deon

    I’ve got a large VPS, my IP, hosting a few friends friends, they’re clean.. One site is using the Jet Pack system, as far as I know, they’re having no issues, But that sends a notification per post, way too many for a site like mine

    Four of us of us are using the plugin- I get the notification from 2, but one of them, who only posts 1 blog a week, isn’t getting her own emails

    I was getting my own emails until I installed the plugin on the 4th site..

    According to the logs one email provider who I didn’t recognize has blocked the IP, Google and the others are just blocking the daily mailers. gmail. is letting the test emails come through to me, but not the real ones.

  • PC
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hey there @grumpy

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    Can you kindly check your server logs and see if there is some useful information there ?

    Even if you have got clean friends on the hosting, you never know they have got a bad code on their site which might be spamming from your IP.

    I recently had that kind of issue and in my WHM it showed that there is significant abuse from my IP and the emails were stuck.

    Please advise if you find anything in the logs !

    Cheers, PC

  • grumpy
    • New Recruit

    PC, Fayda

    Mailnull seems to be sending roughly 150 a day.. at approximately the same time mine are going out.

    nobody doesn’t seem to be doing anything, root seems to be behaving.

    The other Cpanel accounts are new sites, virtually no emails

    The company I have the VPS through has good tech support, I just asked them if they could check into .. Mailnull

    I’ll let you know in the morning

  • Wouter Jan Kok
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi all and @grumpy

    Not suggesting anything, but…this sounds like malware contamination.

    Do you have this file and folder by any chance?


    And at the bottom of functions.php does include this png file?

    Then myfriend, you have malware installed and as result been blocked by most if not all providers.

    Removing both the png file and include function will improve overall site performance!

  • PC
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    We’ be around to hear the results :slight_smile:

    @wouter Jan Kok : Thanks for chiming in with your suggestion. Malwares, gah ! I hate them as they present our sites as the culprit to the email providers. You have put together a great suggestion here.

    Cheers, PC

  • grumpy
    • New Recruit

    Okay guys

    Just spent several hours on the phone with my host… Went through everything either he or I could think of and found no indication that the site was sending out spam.. According to him Webnull is a function that processes bounced emails, everything there appeared to be legitimate

    Wouter Jan Kok, we did find the Speed Theme contained the file /images/social.png the theme was inactive, on a inactive site that uses another theme anyway. Easy call, Don’t know if it will solve the problem, but it sure can’t hurt anything, I appreciate it..

    The tech also found out my IP had been blacklisted by a reputation company proofpoint.com, seems some of the big providers rely on them, I haven’t been blacklisted by their affiliate SCORBES

    I’m trying to get some answers out of proofpoint

    Appreciate all the help, …


  • grumpy
    • New Recruit

    Thanks Wouter Jan Kok and the rest of you guys,

    This afternoon Dot Block, my hosting Company, told me Proof Point had lifted removed my primary IP from their Black List, they were still waiting to hear about the secondary..

    They also told me they’d made a tweak in the server they thought would resolve all the issues.. If the emails go out tonight I’ll know if things are fixed,, assuming that happens, I asked Dot Block to let me know what they tweaked so I can let you folks know…

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