High hopes with wprdpress & WPMU Dev

Hi there,

I am new here and I thought it would be better to introduce myself before jumping into discussions or start asking questions. My name is Touseef Ikram and I am heading innovations wing of a growing (500+ staff across 7 locations) tech firm head quartered in Dubai, UAE. I have 10+ years of product development and digital marketing experience. Founded multiple communities with over hundreds of thousands users on different platforms mostly customized to the core so they no longer look and feel like an off-the-shelf solution any longer. Have seen many ups and downs all these years and still trying to learn new stuff spending every day exploring the possibilities.

I fell in love with word press a few years back and ever since it has not decreased a bit. I have had few subscriptions and sites built around wordpress but just recently bought WPMU Dev membership and so far exploring the extensive list of plugins and themes.

I am working on a new pet project, a WP multisite based service, relying mostly on WPMU Dev plugins. Prototype is almost ready and I have very high hopes. Please wish me luck and send few prayers that I keep motivated and do not fall victim of perfection and launch the site as soon as possible.