Hiring a developer and protecting by privacy etc

Hello, I´m very new here and haven´t any experience with WP,BP, etc. I´ve tried to install several plugins, some worked others did not. I want to hire a developer from your list of WPMU "associates", but I also want to protect my privacy and info. So, question is, after hiring someone to create my "dream site", how do I allow access to my site while protecting my info and privacy and/ or limit what they can and can´t do??
Call me paranoid but low on trust these days! Thanks, RJ

  • Aaron

    First, the devolopers listing is not filtered by us and they are not affiliated with us other than they are members.

    Second, It's kind of give and take depending on how much you trust them. Most importantly find someone reputable and references are best, or that you can see past work. Also, there are other things you can do like create temporary FTP accounts or give them their own site admin user account so you can revoke priviledges later. If info privacy issues are your problem the normal way to handle that in the business world is Non-Disclosure Agreements.

  • terry hall

    @RJames thanks for contacting me as a potential developer for your project...

    I agree with @Aaron and would add that we too are concerned with the same issues. What I have found to work best is to setup a separate set of credentials for each member of your team, move slowly and monitor everything.

    As a general rule, many of the people who have listed themselves as developers have been around the WPMudev community for quite some time. While this is no guarantee of anyone's reliability or honesty, it does indicate that we value our place here and are at least successful enough to pay the monthly membership fees...

    In addition, be sure to have very clear agreements and expectations about the work to be performed and deadlines.

    Good luck,

  • RJames

    Thank you guys (both of you) for answering. If anyone else has something to add, plese do! Í´m concerned with issues such as a technician adding a "backdoor" to the site and possibly later causing havoc, or stealing my mailing list and spamming them, etc. I am especially trying to be responsible with other people´s information. I am running a "politically-incorrect" website and my subscribers value their privacy as much as anyone else. Thanks again, R. James

  • RJames

    James, my email list is on Google, and not even one email is associated with incsub at all, at least to my knowledge. I did a search on my subscriber list on Google, and it came up with nothing linked to incsub. Also, we do not spam anybody, and it seems Terry Hall has been given the wrong idea according to your comment. Apparently there are already unknown parties signed-up to my site, do they have the ability to send emails as a "user" or "subscriber" to my wordpress MU blog? James, if you are correct, this has nothing to do with me, but I´d like some advice on how to stop this abuse (if it is indeed correct). Perhaps you are mistaken? Anyway, I´m new to all of this and new here, the last thing I want to do is offend anyone. I certainly have not sent any emails from my WP-MU website, nor would I ever spam anyone! R. James

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