Hiya! See screenshot: why is there a message now that

See screenshot: why is there a message now that FaceBook can't crawl the message?
This wasn't earlier, and in the settings area, all is OK / connected?

Thx in advance!

  • Ivan

    Hello Ronald,

    Hope you are having a great weekend so far!

    Facebook servers crawl your new links, each time a new post is made, just Once, if they can't understand it or there is no connection between your host and facebok servers, you'll get that server error.

    Sometimes after few hours this error repairs by itself (only if Facebook servers crawl again) but if the error is staying for too long, below is a fix, that should help you.

    If you click the link you'll be taken to Facebook Developer's page, this is where you'll debug the error in your link.
    Just scroll down to and you should find the "Fetch New Scrape Information".

    There is might be other reason Facebook not to to craw this page - it is a exact copy of another page.

    Do you have this error on other pages or it is just this one?

    Let me know if this helps.


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