@Hoang Ngo Seeing a banner in Divi 2.4 (from Divi) about

@hoang Ngo

Seeing a banner in Divi 2.4 (from Divi) about shopping carts after the marketpress upgrade. Appears to be autogenerated, (“Welcome to Our Shop

Divi gives you the power to run a full-fledged online storefront.”:wink: is this a marketpress or divi issue, I can tap them for help too if needed.

I noticed after the upgrade we lost shipping, payment gateway, and pricing on most products. Additionally, the images on a product page used to show in a lightbox when clicked, and the image and description were on the same page if you needed more info about the product. Now clicking the image opens a product page with a large image and info, but clicking on the product description opens a description page with no product photo. Is there a setting to make these work as before (or the same way for both)

I hope you can understand my writing, working fast – very busy today.