Homepage specific SEO enhancement request


Little problem on seo, not an issue, but really a problem : the homepage meta description use.

For now, the parameter (by default) is to use the sitedesc as meta description, taken by Big Brother as site description.

This is not good, as many many themes also take this "slogan" as site title on the homepage.

SO in the sitedesc, if we want a nice description, as a paragraphe it is NOT possible, since the whole paragraphe will be inserted on top of the page. Not good.

Request a litle menu for site users, "Homepage SEO" with a specific description that could be inserted.

This section could also be a nice "tuto" on SEO, explaining how seo works on the site and explanation of all sections in the edit screen.

The option could be so "use default setting" with mention of it, or "enter specific description" that will overwrite de default setting, either in sitemap and metas...

This is important :slight_smile: