Holder BuddyPress Theme Launch

We're please to announce the release of Holder BuddyPress theme today.

This isn't just BuddyPress put onto the core Holder Theme you may already know, this is totally redone from the core and has a range of new features.

- 2 new 'seasonal' themes
- Every theme in Holder updated to work with BuddyPress with it's own styling - every theme has been reworked to make it work well with BuddyPress
- Styling improvements throughout
- Customize certain parts of your BuddyPress theme to so you can still like with Holder build your own look using simple color pickers
- Google fonts
- BuddyPress sidebar
- Attachment and full width page templates
- Now uses the WordPress built in background feature to easily add and change any theme variations background image
- New language function to make it easier
... We did so much we will be offering 2 themes as there are changes just for BuddyPress in these themes. BuddyPress Holder will however work for just WordPress but have the theme design changes (like wider for instance).

Here are some of the core Holder options:

* Built in blog styling - we felt the number one thing lacking in holding themes was the ability to have a blog... we fixed that with Holder. Full threaded comments and all the things you expect from a normal WordPress theme comes as standard in Holder.
* Built in page styling - we added a page template so you can entice your future users
* Simple SEO - last thing you want to have to do on setting a site up is add plugins at the start - no problem we've got your SEO covered with this simple feature.
* Widget areas - want to add widgets? No problem Holder in each style has widget ready areas.
* Form code area - add a form just copy and paste (subject to the method you use this may or may need adjustment in child theme).
* Google analytics - place Google code in your footer
* Social buttons - Want to link to Flickr, Rss, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Del.icio.us? No problem just put in your url and a button will appear on the site. We made these buttons custom for you and this theme.
* Text areas - Add 2 headers, description and footer links just by typing in theme options.
* WordPress 3.0 menus
* Branding options - upload a logo, image or even choose to have text - build your own Holder theme.
... tons more

We hope you think this is a great addition to our themes and is quite literally 16 themes in one!
If you add in the ability to self create from any of those 16 the theme numbers go even higher.