Holder theme- blog not showing, home page missing data


Here is the site:


I am having some issues with the Holder theme, and I’m hoping you can help me with some simple fixes that I have overlooked.

1. The store hours are put into the Holder Option’s Description field. It doesn’t show up after navigating back to Home. How can I fix that? Why would the field disappear even after going back to home? Also, why does the page title appear on the bottom of the page (a random word “home”:wink: when navigating back to home?

2. Posts are not showing in the blog, even though I have changed the reading settings to display the posts under the blog page. What can I do here?

3. I tried to set the blog to show up on the menu page, but I get an error on that page. Is there a maximum number of pages this theme allows? Why do I get an error if the blog is set to show up on a page that is not titled blog? (so I now set the posts to show up on a page titled posts, though no blog shows)

Thanks for any advice you can give me.