Holder Theme - how works with site development process?

Howdy! So I was trying to get my new Multisite set up today and kept running into problems. I had the domain itself (www.WeThePeach.com) pointed at a subfolder over at GoDaddy, where I had a temporary folder set up with the Holder Theme. Then I pointed dev.WeThePeach.com over at HostGater, where the permanent site is going to reside. I kept running into all sorts of problems and they told me to point my entire domain setup over there and start from scratch. So I deleted everything, pointed the domain and then starting thinking about how the Holder Theme works.

How can I develop the site and know what the front page looks like if the Holder theme is installed? It seems like I need to just keep a very low profile and not let anyone know about the site until it's ready to launch. Do you have any pointers/clarifications?