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I was wondering how you modify the Navigation Menu in the Holder Theme. When I used the Menu tab in Wordpress, I just ended up with two Menus stacked on top of each other.

Addy here: http://thelessonlab.com/


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    Hey guys,

    thought I'd share something that helped me! Concerning the post above that David did, this worked perfectly for me then I thought well how could I get the menu to be on if you're logged in and off if you're logged out...
    I did some research and found this thread with a post by Maxaud (3 years ago)

    From his post I got the right code to add to the file that David gave us:
    (LOCATED: contents from the following file in the theme's folder:

    Add this to the very top of the page:
    <?php if (is_user_logged_in()) { ?>

    Then add this to the very bottom of the page:
    <?php }

    IMPORTANT NOTES: DO NOT DELETE CODE this will not work if you delete code as mentioned above. This post is for if you want to have the menu off when not logged out and on if user are logged in, if you wish to have menu disappear you should still use David's example above OR an alternative to deleting the code would be to just change the name of the file so it's not recognized by the template e.g. buddy-navigation.php to buddy-navigation-OFF.php something like that.

    Anyway this worked perfectly for me using this method. Hope this helps someone I thought I'd share the love and add to this post. Thx to David for the original post (even though he's gone), but if this helped you please share the love, working towards that free membership you kno :wink:

    Phew I'm out!!! Peace

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