Home page 404 on membership 1.1 beta

On the advice of tech support, we updated our site to membership beta 1.1 a few weeks ago to address some glitches we were having w/ the content limiting.

It has just come to my attention that the front page of the site will no longer load, and is giving a 404 error. I have been able to get the page to load when logged into my account, but others on different accounts have not.

I dropped all subscriptions from my acct to see if it was related and there was no change in behavior – the page loads for me, but not another acct we were testing with.

http://perfectpracticeweb.com/ is the site. Right now the “sorry it appears you’ve tried to access..” message is coming up – this is our default 404 message built into the thesis theme we are using.

I turned off our squeeze page plugin, and redirects plugin and experienced the same issues. I also turned off membership and the page came right up so it seems to be related. I also reverted to the default WP theme with the same issues.

Other things I tried are pointing the home page at a different / nonsqueeze page. I added the home page to the “positive” rules on the default account. Same results regardless.

http://cl.ly/5lDk/squeeze-page-snapshot.png <– here’s a snapshot of what the homepage should look like when working properly.

Any help would be terrific!