Home Page condition not working and other problems...


So I created a test post using Slide In and make the condition as "Home Page". I want user scroll down until they hit #footer div then pop up the slide in. But it the "Home Page" condition seem not working at all. The slide in is not popping up (no matter how I set the other condition). When I change it to "Post Page", which is my blog post page. It works as expected.

Also, I have coupled of condition -
I want in Home page, user scroll to #footer div to pop up the message. And in Post page, I want user to scroll to a different div (since the HTML is different) or use page %. And then for my sale page, I want to use time condition.

But after I purchase the plug-in and look into the setting..it only has ONE general setting. I can not separate different condition to different situation...how can I do that?