Home Page condition not working and other problems...


So I created a test post using Slide In and make the condition as "Home Page". I want user scroll down until they hit #footer div then pop up the slide in. But it the "Home Page" condition seem not working at all. The slide in is not popping up (no matter how I set the other condition). When I change it to "Post Page", which is my blog post page. It works as expected.

Also, I have coupled of condition -
I want in Home page, user scroll to #footer div to pop up the message. And in Post page, I want user to scroll to a different div (since the HTML is different) or use page %. And then for my sale page, I want to use time condition.

But after I purchase the plug-in and look into the setting..it only has ONE general setting. I can not separate different condition to different situation...how can I do that?


  • Vaughan


    thanks for posting.

    have you tried changing the custom injection hook? in the settings.

    default is loop_end

    can you try using wp_footer

    that hopefully may fix the home page issue.

    as for the different elements. they are global in the general settings but you can override them and enter any element you like when you create a slide in.

    tick the box for override settings & you'll be able to select a different element for that particular slide in.

    if you click not in pool, you can then assign it to specific pages or posts by editing the post/page and selecting the slide in for that post.

    hope this helps.


  • hughred22

    Thank you very much.

    Wp-footer solve the problem and home page is showing now. But the social icon you come with kinda has spacing problem. Here is a screen shoot. It is between twitter and linkedin. Also, if I add Pinterest, the icon has vertical align problem. How can I fix this (it bug me...)?

    Also, I am very lost in the "pool" part...what is in pool vs not in pool? Do you have a document somewhere give a better explanation? (in fact, is it a doc somewhere on the site teach me in and out of this plug-in?)

    One more thing, can I trigger the slide in with JavaScript? Like Modal in Bootstrap, can I bind the event in an onclick of a button and trigger the it to slide in? Then I can add login form or other goodie in it?

  • Vaughan


    sorry, your screenshot didn't post, maybe to big in filesize.

    Also, I am very lost in the "pool" part...what is in pool vs not in pool?

    when it's in the pool, the slide in will appear globally as defined.
    when it's not in the pool, the slide-in can be specifically attached to a single post or page (when you create/edit a post/page) so it will only ever appear on that post/page.

    see https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/slide-in/#usage for the docs guide.

    as for the width being in px.

    on the settings page, scroll down till you see Custom CSS text area

    then enter the following

    .wdsi-slide-wrap {
        margin: 0 auto;
        width: 50% !important;
        z-index: 1000;

    just change width to the value you want, that will override the px setting.

    hope this helps.


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