home page images disappear/hidden; 3-way block goes from H to V?

UPDATE: I deactivated the marketpress plugin and the problem is resolved. Great work-around until I want to use marketpress.


I modified text in a text/region toward the bottom of http://theartofpastry.com/. The region/text box title is “Priced to Deliver Satisfaction”. I changed the second sentence in the first paragraph to read “A half sheet of display space holds macarons with a suggested retail value of up to $350, depending on product placement.”

And, that’s it. I saved the change and exited Upfront Builder. Now, The image header and a second image on the page are not visible. Plus, there are 3 horizontal (on a PC) text blocks that display vertically.

I have gone back into Upfront (v.1.1.4) to “resave” the change. I have no idea of what I might have done or how to fix this. I am working in a Chrome browser on my Windows PC. I have verified that the page displays as described above in Firefox and Edge.

Any suggestions?