Home page login/modification

I've asked this question multiple times with no response. May I please request an answer.

(1) When I am not logged into my multisite, their is a login form (image enclosed) at the bottom of the home page. I want to remove it, since it is nonsensical. (Especially since it talks about upgrading, when many people don't have a site to upgrade at all.)

(2) When I am logged in, the same area says:

Please choose a site to Upgrade or Modify:
Modify "PopCred" (http://popcred.net) - Not PopCred

The words "Modify 'PopCred'" are linked to http://popcred.net/?bid=1. Nothing else is linked.

What does "Not PopCred" mean? What is the link for? Can I remove this?

Note: SOMETIMES when I click that link (http://popcred.net/?bid=1) I go to a page with the payment grid and erroneous expiration dates. SOMETIMES when I click I get a message that says:

Sorry, but you do not have permission to upgrade this site. Only the site administrator can upgrade their site.

Please respond.