HomePage Configuration Plugin no longer works

A freelancer created a plugin for me which allows my categories to be ordered on the homepage within WP Admin. This means I can add a new category such as a current topic I am writing about, and have that category featured at the top of my homnepage or wherever I please.

It only showed categories that have atleast one post in them.

It had a time limit for showing posts and was powered by views. So each section on the homepage shows 3 articles from each category, with the most viewed article from that category being at the top.

It used to work just fine, however now any ordering I make with the plugin, does not have an effect, it still shows what it had before on the homepage. And, if I attempt to change the hour limit which is currently 500 hours to anything less, it causes the whole site to break upon reloading the homepage.

I have no idea what happened. Could you kindly advise on how I should go about resolving this issue.