Homepage layout has changed but can't see directory on homepage.

I'm at the very beginning stage of setting up 'directory' and just checked the 2 boxes on the settings page for import taxonomies and custom fields. Saved changes and then looked at my homepage. It's changed the layout of the existing featured items from being in a slider to a long column and the directory isn't even there anyway.

Also, when I do eventually set it up, I don't want it to be on the homepage, but to be on various other posts and pages - is this possible?

It's a wordpress site and I'm using a WPZOOM telegraph theme.


  • DavidM
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    Hi OTExpert,

    Currently, Directory is designed to be used with its integrated theme. It can be made to work with other themes but it would require a bit of copying and pasting of code from the Directory theme files.

    There's a bit of discussion on that in the following thread.

    And there's some major work being done by the developer, which actually is available in a totally usable beta version in the following thread.

    As for the issue you mentioned regarding layout of your existing featured items, I can't really see how importing the taxonomies and custom fields could affect that, as those taxonomies and custom fields are solely for the Directory listing custom post type.

    Did you maybe have that slider setup for use with the Directory listings?


  • DavidM
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    Hi OTExpert,

    We received your email on this and I realized afterward I shouldn't have stated that Directory is designed to be used with the integrated theme. Instead, the integrated theme simply makes it much, much easier to utilize Directory's features. In that way it's somewhat designed for use with that theme.

    However, Directory uses WordPress custom post types and as such, all the features of directory listings are available to other plugins and also to your theme, so you can easily style the Directory pages as you would any custom post type page.

    The included theme simply does that itself for you.

    More than that, the theme actually provides an easy way for you to see how to style these pages for use in your own theme, and also provides various functions you can use in your theme to display category listings for example.

    To add to that, Directory can be used with other plugins as I just mentioned, plugins like those listed in the following, to easily display directory listings without needing to go to your theme's template files.

    There's also the following page from our instruction guide for our CustomPress plugin that can help here as well. Directory uses an integrated version of CustomPress and this guide would reflect the same method of themeing directory listings.

    Hope that helps!


  • OTExpert
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    Hi David,

    I've downloaded some of the free plugins you have suggested but not used them yet. I still can't work with Directory right from the beginning as it warps my homepage when activated!

    I've included screen shots - Picture 2 is the originl page and picture 1 is when Directory is activated.

  • DavidM
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    Hi OTExpert,

    Thanks for that additional information. This one is very strange as I've not seen Directory have that effect on another theme and it doesn't appear to be loading any javascript or css that would affect things in that way.

    If you wouldn't mind providing a login, I'll be happy to see what I can find on this one. You can do so from the following, sending it with attention to David, preferably including a link to this thread as a reference.

    Other than that, you could try checking the page for javascript errors, which seems likely the case. I'm guessing javascript is broken so the slider isn't able to do its job.

    I'll be happy to look through that though.


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