Multisite content restrictions

Hope everyone is well and happy holidays!

I have a multisite setup and am wondering if there is a way to protect content on my main site that only users with a paid site can see.

Something like membership but I know membership doesn’t work in this way.

The other way around however works to restrict people from creating a site but I hit another road block.

I need to be able to give my customers a free trial. Also Membership doesn’t control the pro sites and I only want to have my customers pay once for initial signup.

We do have upgrades but I need to froup the first portion of this to give value.

Is there a way to create a user level and restrict content this way? Example when someone signs up through prosites the are given a special user level then restrict pages to that user level using a separate plugin that works with the multisite signup process?

Banging my head against a wall on this.

Any suggestions?

Thank you guys!