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Hi Support,

I have set up a horizontal slider for Divi on my site. I'd like to have it scroll using the mouse/trackpad automatically like you can when scrolling vertically. The fullpane them from Themify (https://themify.me/themes/fullpane) does what I am looking for. I've tried modifying the CSS code, but I can't get it to slide using the mouse functions. Could you look at this for me?


  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hi Joe

    I hope you're having a nice day!

    I wasn't sure at first what you wish to achieve but I think I understand after checking a demo of that Fullpane theme:

    when you e.g. roll the mouse wheel while hovering over slider the first thing that happens is that it goes through the slides and only after it reaches the last slide it scrolls the page down; so basically, the slides should change which mouse wheel or touchppad swipe.

    Is that correct?

    If so, I don't think a pure CSS would be of help here. I'm not that familiar with Divi's slider module "guts" in terms of the code but some custom JS would have to be used. You'd need a script that would hook to jQuery .scroll() event. Additionally, since the .scroll doesn't give any information about the current "position" you'd need to detect that somehow too. Than such script depending on the page position and scroll direction (which would also have to be somehow calculated as it's not available "out of the box) would trigger slide change.

    I don't think that'll be easy thing to do and would definitely take quite a bit of custom coding, assuming that there's even a a way to actually trigger slide change in Divi slider by code.

    The theme that you gave as an example seems to be working on similar principle (though they don't seem to bind to .scroll() event but rather than bind to a "window" object and detect scrolling/animation. But still, that's quite a complex code.

    It might actually be easier to try to replace that slider with some other solution instead? The Slider Revolution (RevSlider) or WowSlider might be worth checking as while I'm not sure if they do support that "out of the box" they are highly customizable and can be controlled from custom JS so it would probably make it easier to develop custom solution.

    Best regards,

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