Horrible Experiences with VPS.net - Need Cloud VPS Recommendation

I'm deploying a WP multi-site installation. Open registration. I have 2 nodes with VPS.net, running nginx-php5-phpfpm-mysql-curl. Storage with Amazon S3, CDN through Max CDN.

I joined VPS.net on Monday, paid extra for the management services, and have been dealing with hell ever since. I've gotten one sole response from a manager, and all they are saying is that the engineers have worked with us on the problems. Well no shit, just fix the problem.

Right now I can't even login to admin of the site in question, because it will not load. I have to wait about 10-15 seconds before the page loads. And they are telling me that everything looks pretty normal, but may be some memory issues with php, and that they would like to see how my other box is setup. Are you kidding me? You mean you don't know how to do your job?

My "other" box is a damn Media Temple POS DV running Apache and 512mb of ram. It has 12 client websites on it, and an empty multi-site installation. That test box is loading in under 1 second. 40ms latency. And that's with Apache and Cpanel!

The problematic box is even more optimized. It's running nginx-php5-phpfpm-mysql and the curl library. That's it! No cpanel. No ISP manager. Nada. I have 2 nodes at 1.2ghz and 768mb of ram.

- When dealing with permission issues, the guy tells me that the "uploads" folder in wp-content, must be depreciated in new WP versions because it wasn't there. No you douche, it's not there because WP couldn't create it because of incorrect permissions. They "created a user in www" to fix this which I have no idea what that means
- VPS.net is telling me that those specs aren't enough to run Worpdress multi-site
- They have moved my VPS twice, and still have memory issues

I need something that can scale, and that can be fully managed because I have other things to worry about. I messaged Westhost, but they have not responded at all. I need a VPS that will welcome us with open arms, because so far it's been a nightmare.

Any reccs out there?