Hosting Account and WordPress MU

After a successful install of WordPress MU and creation of main blog I attempted to create another blog. It immediately directed me to my other website on the same hosting account. I had to then go in and manually create a sub domain with the account I am using for my MU Blog.

My question is: Is this normal?

I am hosted on a Linux server however my hosting company told me that I would have to make my MU Blog the Primary and my WordPress Blog the secondary on the hosting. I really don’t understand any of this.

Is it going to make a difference what position either is in and stop me from having to go in manually and create sub domains to coincide with created blogs?

  • drmike
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    I believe I answered this in your other thread but wpmu should be (if not needs to be) in it’s own account. At the very least for backup purposes.

    Additional information:

    Addon domains and accounts fall back to the main one if there’s ever an issue or a 404. Also considering that there’s an additional layer of redirects involved with an addon domain, that’s even more processor usage.

    Maybe an upgrade to a reseller account would be in order for you. That way you can create an account for wp and a separate one for wpmu.

  • Sonja
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    Thank you for your reply. So far things are smooth which is great! Unfortunately, my hosting doesn’t know too much about WPMU but this forum is great in getting my questions answered in plain language I can understand since I am a WPMU Novice.

  • drmike
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    Not a problem.

    Most of us recommend a VPS for wpmu installs. That way you have complete control over what’s going on. Most of our wpmu installs are regular shared hosting accounts (Actually resellers since the databases and uploaded file directories are in separate accounts) although we’ve modified them enough to get by.

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