host overloaded by rapid Buddypress membership growth, Please help!


Request for help!

I need to move a Buddypress installation to a different server or my hosting account for I launched a community website on the evening of June 4, 2011 at the following URL: and had 1000 members sign up in less than 48 hours.

I am hosting a poll for Guam's Best Dance Crew. There have been so many visits from single IP addresses that Hostgator is blocking those IPs. The single IP problem is coming from students at the dance schools all logging at the same time to vote during their breaks. Hostgator said they cannot unblock a single IP address on a shared server. They gave me the option to switch my Hostgator Business Plan to a VPS but if I am going to do that, that means moving to a different server. This means having to deal with DNS propagation. I do not want to interfere with the current poll so it needs to be done as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Although I have been with Hostgator for many years I am open to switching to a different host because this is an important matter. The poll that I am hosting is for a fund raiser. All the proceeds go to Japan for the tsunami disaster relief. I am donating my time and created the community and poll specifically for this event.

I would love some help on this. So if any WPMU guru wants to be a friend and lend a hand I would really appreciate it. Before I launched the community and started hosting the Poll I would have just done it myself but I cannot afford to do this slowly or risk messing it up.

The Advanced Technique 1 method below sounds like the best option for the move:

These are the options for VPS with hostgator:
I would like to keep the hosting cost close to Level 1 VPS and would be fine staying with Hostgator but like I said I am open to moving to a different hosting service, as long as I will not run into the same problem of the server thinking the high single IP traffic is a DNS attack.

Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,
Sean Larkin, D.C.