[Hosting] Are there any incompatibilities with Brotli in Cloudflare with the hosting platform?

We have a problem with Brotli enabled in Cloudflare. We use Cloudflare for DNS, SSL, Rocket Loader and Brotli. We also use BunnyCDN for better CDN on an international platform, but for some reason, the Brotli compression is only saving us just a fraction on what it should actually do.

With Brotli disabled and running a GTmetrix test on the homepage, we notice a difference of only 30KB. We expect the difference to be much more. We find the difference between Gzip and Brotli too small.

When you Inspect>Network and measure the CDN headers it shows that the Brotli is enabled, we think. Will it maybe increase with time when BunnyCDN has more time to cache fully maybe?

Could you check if there’s maybe some sort of incompatibility between WPMU DEV hosting and Cloudflare Brotli that may be causing this?