Our New Managed Hosting Service Is In Beta!

Hi there!

If you can read this, then you have unlocked the next and biggest project that we’ve ever taken on - a whole new concept in WordPress hosting!

I’ll get right to it - your WPMU DEV membership will soon come with FREE managed hosting!

Say what?! This is a new containerized, nothing shared, dedicated memory and storage hosting environment.

And at launch, every one of our members, new and old, will get 3 free sites hosted as part of the membership. We think this will bring huge value to your membership!

Here's a quick list of just some of the features:
- Choice of 8 data centers
- Free SSL Certificates via Let's Encrypt
- Dedicated IP, Memory, and SSD Storage (per site!)
- Incremental Backups
- One-click Staging
- CDN via Smush & Hummingbird
- Security via Defender
- phpMyAdmin
- Git, Composer, & NPM
- Object Cache
- Activity & Access Logs
- IPv6 Support

All of this integrates seamlessly with our Hub, Reports, and Automate services too.

And, let me get it out of the way, we won’t be changing anything else - all of our plugins and services will be fully supported on any host you choose, just as it always has been.

So now we need your help!

We know there are a few issues remaining, but we are at a point now where we’d love some help stress testing this new endeavor. That’s where you come in!

Create a site or three and let us have your feedback!

As part of this beta period, you are limited to three of the ‘starter’ containers for now, with 1GB of dedicated memory, 5GB of storage, and 1 CPU for each site. This should handle the majority of websites out there with no problems. Coming soon, there will be upgraded plans that allow for more!

We know you are going to ask, so our pricing will not only be competitive, but it will be disruptive. Think prices that are more in line with shared hosts but with fully dedicated managed environments.

We already have some live sites up and running (check out our brand new incsub.com), and feel free to do the same if you have any lesser important sites that you may keep around - you can fully test sites before making them live. While the system is stable, it is never a bad idea to keep a backup around and the ability to change DNS back for a while, as a "just in case" while we are still in beta. You’ll be able to keep these sites at no additional cost for as long as you keep your WPMU DEV membership.

As a little bonus incentive, we’ll be giving out 5 hero points for any new bug or conflict that you find.

We are building out a Docs section for hosting here - it is still relatively sparse but will be filled out shortly. The questions you have during beta will help us with that.

And if you’d like to test migrating a site into our new hosting, 'Level 4' members can try our new Shipper service in beta too!

Get started by creating your first site here.

Also, there is a 'Discussion of the Week' going on here where you can earn 5 hero points by commenting about hosting in the next week.

Create a new support ticket and tag it as 'Hosting' with your feedback or with any problems that you come across. We can't wait to hear how it goes!

  • Ronnie Burt
    • Hosting & Biz Dev

    Please create a new ticket with any problems or specific feedback. We definitely want to hear from you!

    We will also keep this comment updated with a running list of requests, so you have a better idea of what is coming. :slight_smile:

    Confirmed Roadmap For Post Launch
    - SSL options other than automated Let's Encrypt
    - 'Recipes' or blueprints/templates to select plugins/themes/settings that get applied to new sites
    - Support for sub-accounts so you can have multiple users in The Hub.

    Member Requests/Suggestions
    - Notifications shouldn’t disappear until marked as read (Mohamed)
    - An interface to set/change the database password (Patricia)
    - Ability to restore only 1 file instead of the whole set (Patricia)
    - Remote DB Access (Fabio)
    - Integration with payment and accounting system (Mohamed)
    - A UI to setup cronjobs (Julian) *Not in our plans, but WP cron runs server-side every 5 minutes even with no traffic*
    - Server resource usage statistics for things like RAM, CPU, I/O (Julian)
    - Remove Akismet and Hello Dolly from default install (Julithe an)
    - Allow for more control over frequency of backups (Julian)
    - Ability to add domains to staging URLs - so staging.mysite.com instead of staging.mysite.wpmudev.hos (Fabio)
    - option to disable phpMyAdmin (Kjetil)
    - choose the language that is installed in WP (Achim)

  • Kjetil Wikestad
    • ProDev


    You may lure me into using your hosting service if the pricing is right....

    But it seems a bit rough around the edges, so I thinking I will wait for version 1.2 :wink:

    A question: As an European I find that the current hub is often slow to respond. Is this because the region I am in or is that the same for everyone? And from where will the new admin pages from the hosting be served from?

    Feature request 1: MyPhpAdmin is something I always disable on my servers, because of the security risk. Will like to have an option to disable it.

    Feature request 2: My own default domain. When I create new instances it would be nice if it would create a subdomain on a domain specified by me.

    • Ronnie Burt
      • Hosting & Biz Dev

      Hi Kjetil Wikestad, I'll add your request about disabling phpMyAdmin to the list of requests so we can track it.

      As for setting your own default domain, unfortunately, I don't think that will be technically possible given our setup. However, you can add more than one domain to a site, so you can add it manually for each site if you wanted to give that to clients, for example, before adding the final live primary domain.

  • Greg
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    This is exceeeeeeedingly interesting. Obviously I get that it's still in beta, but eventually these would be my questions:

    - Does a multisite count as one site? Making the real question: Would it support a multisite with user registration/site creation open?

    - Is it easily scalable? In other words could a tiny site that gets two hits per day grow into the next Edublogs without having to switch to a different host somewhere along the line, with a price that matches the site's growth stage?

    - What's the speed and uptime like?

    - FTP access?

    - Can sites be easily moved to or away from it as needed as Riley pointed out above?

    - Possible to use SSL with Domain Mapping? Possible with open registration/domain sales?

    - Any restrictions on what plugins can be installed?

    I love the idea of managed hosting, especially for big sites, but I've always been too afraid of not having enough freedom as a developer, or having to rely on slow customer service (you guys have always been great, no complaints at all, but even a day's response time can be crucial for business and many small problems I can fix myself). Things like growth potential, DDoS mitigation, etc, are also usually on my mind when looking for a new host. I've never used managed hosting so for all I know it's awesome, but it's always sounded uncomfortably restrictive compared to the usual "unlimited" cPanel setup. It's also always been too expensive but that's another story. Still, I suppose I'll have to give yours a shot - I'm sure a lot of my questions would be answered by just trying it out. Looking forward, if it's awesome, it'll be REALLY awesome, and great to have everything in one place!

    • Ronnie Burt
      • Hosting & Biz Dev

      Greg - appreciate all the feedback and questions. As you say, some will be more clear the more you play, but I'll answer your questions here too :slight_smile:

      An entire Multisite network will count just as one site - it will get its own dedicated resources and container. To be honest, though, we really aren't built to support open registration - you could maybe get away with it for a while on one of our larger plans (to be announced soon), but our experience with Edublogs is that spammers just keep spamming, and open registration traffic levels require more unique setups. That being said, we do offer more Enterprise Multisite Managed Hosting - you are looking at a base cost of $1k per month there.

      This setup is easily scalable - just a couple of clicks to automatically resize the container to provide more memory, CPUs and SSD disk space as needed.

      Speed will depend on the plugins and themes, but we aim to be as fast as it comes. No two sites can impact each other at all, and reliability on the sites we have running have been 100% since launch :slight_smile:

      There is easy SFTP and SSH account creation.

      Our new Shipper plugin is designed to let you migrate sites to and from anywhere, including to and from our host.

      SSL and Domain Mapping is on the roadmap, but some time off. It's a challenging beast for sure.

      No restrictions on plugins. We are contemplating a "we recommend you don't use" list, but we don't plan on having an outright banned list. It'll just be use at your own risk :slight_smile:

      • sdlx
        • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

        Hi Ronnie
        This is an excellent route to take.

        I have set up a site and am testing out a multisite instance. I note above you mention that SSL & Domain Mapping are a way off as yet - these would be crucial for me. I have installed Domain Mapping and set up two sites (and tried to map the domains over) with differing results - both failing to map to the sites.

        I do however notice that I can add the new domain to my server and have the direction and SSL validity confirmed.

        Any idea whats happening here ?

  • Michael
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi all,

    hope you are all doing fine. It seems that the servers hosted at WPMU DEV are down. Did I miss a notification or is it just me? Just wanted to report it.

    EDIT: sorry, forgot to mention the error I get:

    This site can’t be reached -------.wpmudev.host’s server IP address could not be found.

    (datacenter: The Netherlands)


    • Ronnie Burt
      • Hosting & Biz Dev

      Hi Michael - yes, we are on it, they should be restored soon. Very sorry about that! It was us mistakenly marking a small percentage of sites as some of ours that we used in testing, and it sounds like you are one of the lucky ones. Something that definitely won't happen again! The good news is that it was human error, which is in many ways often easier to fix :slight_smile:

      • Michael
        • The Incredible Code Injector

        Oh cool, now I'm really part of WPMU DEV :wink:

        No need to say sorry, it's a beta after all. And I'm sure you'll fix it. You are the experts after all.

        As for the human error: We. Are. All. Humans. Must. Eliminate. Humans. *bleep* *bleep*

        No, humans make mistakes and I'm glad it happens in a beta. I feel a strong bound with him/her. I make those mistakes all the time.


  • gulin
    • New Recruit

    Can i move my cps network separator.biz?
    Now i have insait the my network system 20-25 sites
    Favorite module now it's Domain Mapping
    wpmu i yused from 2017
    and now i need same help
    My plan: 10 000 sites in 1 yar (2019_)

      • Jack Lavender
        • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

        How do you want me to deliver updates on Shipper? It didn't work, but I didn't know if you wanted me to put everything here or if you wanted to put all it in a different thread.

        Bottom line is that I started with my largest and most complicated site (what the heck, right?). I keep getting an error message, "November 20, 2018 6:36 pm - WARNING: Unable to change memory limit. Currently it is 256M".

        • Jack Lavender
          • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

          So, I'm running an export on a large site trying to transfer to a new WPMUDEV hosted site. Slow going, but it appears to be cranking through (10100 files gathered out of 10128). On the other hand, I decided to try a small site and use the Import function instead of the Export. I got an email reporting that it was complete, and when I look at the site on WPMUDEV, there's nothing there. Just the default stuff.

          In both cases, I'm transferring from Flywheel and I get three errors: different databases (MySQL on Flywheel vs. MariaDB on WPMUDEV), unknown server (unknown on Flywheel vs. NGINX on WPMUDEV), and unknown OS (unknown on Flywheel vs Linux on WPMUDEV). I checked the box to to continue anyway and, well, got nothin'.

          • Jack Lavender
            • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

            Hmm. So, about 20 minutes after I got the original email about the small site being completed and me looking and seeing that it wasn't, now it's magically finished...

            I went back and realized that there were TWO emails. One telling me that the "export" was done and one telling me the "import" was done. The bodies of the two emails are the same - they only differ in the Subject lines. It would be really nice if the first email indicated that there was still work being done.

            I would also recommend a two-bar approach on progress. Right now, there is a single bar showing overall progress and some words below it showing the progress on the particular step. Right now, it shows that the migration is 50% done (and it has been that way for 15+ minutes) and shows it is "gathering and packing database tables...36 of 53". Bottom line is I think it could use a little more granularity on the progress reporting. Who doesn't love a progress bar that really moves, right?

  • Ralph
    • Flash Drive


    I have a couple of sites that I want to redevelop , so I started two sites for this in your hosting.
    As I just wanted the content from the other sites, I tried using the WP importer/exporter tool, but am having some problems.

    1) Some content is imported fine. But wasn't possible to upload all content at once.

    2) Trying to just upload images, for instance. The site spins for a while before this page opens up https://domaininquestion.wpmudev.host/wp-admin/admin.php?import=wordpress&step=2 and the display is white.

    3) It seems that about half of the images has actually been imported though. But trying the import multiple times, no new images seem to be imported.

    Do have more sites that I want to "start fresh" on the hosting, but do want to bring the content with me, of course.
    Or do you recommend better options for migrating content only?

    Really looking forward to offer the hosting to my clients. Great move!

    • Dimitris
      • Support Star

      Hello there Ralph,

      hope you're doing good! :slight_smile:

      This should be happening due to some timeout error, as file you were trying to import was most probably pretty large. When you reproduce the "white screen" though, some PHP messages should have been logged, you can find these in our hosting panel under the "Activity Logs" tab.
      Please do share these with us so we know what's happening and how to resolve.
      Then come find us in live chat or open a new Support ticket about it from here:

      Take care,

  • David
    • Chief Learner Wrangler

    I guess I’m doing something very silly but I can’t seem to create a multi site domain. I check the box when creating the site, but it just installs a standard single WP site. When I try to use the tools to change to a multi site the form that pops up asks for the admin password, but after entering it and checking the confirm box the continue button doesn’t become active.

    • Dimitris
      • Support Star

      Hello there David,

      hope you're doing good today! :slight_smile:

      I just tested that and seems to work pretty well, no need to edit any files or anything, in order to enable multisite after the new site creation.

      Please make sure you're enabling both options as shown below:

      Let me know if further assistance is required on this!
      Thank you,

  • Jeremy
    • WordPress Enthusiast

    I have some questions.

    Will it work with alternative caching/cdn options siute as litespeed cache and amazon cloudfront?

    Are there restrictions on what plugins we can use?

    How limited is it compared to standard shared cpanel hosting?

    Which provider are the datacentres from? What links are being used for primary and redundancy?

    • Dimitris
      • Support Star

      Hey there Jeremy :slight_smile:

      Will it work with alternative caching/cdn options siute as litespeed cache and amazon cloudfront?

      All containers are having by default some Object Caching. Other than that you should be able to use any other caching mechanisms. We've already tested with HummingBird's Page and Browser Caching and all seem to work well.

      Are there restrictions on what plugins we can use?

      Nothing that we could say at this moment. If there're any, we'll surely share them with official release.

      How limited is it compared to standard shared cpanel hosting?

      Could you please elaborate a bit more on this? cPanel isn't something fixed too, as it contains many modules and some hosting providers are also building their own... Please advise!

      Which provider are the datacentres from? What links are being used for primary and redundancy?

      We currently use Digital Ocean for all containers and some Amazon AWS services on top of that.
      Each website is a subdomain to wpmudev.host and you can map it into your domain of course.

      Warm regards,

  • shah
    • New Recruit

    This seems to be interesting.

    A quick question given my situation.
    I have a print & web design studio and off late we also create websites for clients.
    1) I create a multi site for staging and testing I understand it will count as 1 site.
    2) However once the test site is approved will I be able to restore that site as a new site under your hosting? Essentially like an add-on domain scenario.
    3) Any approximate cost idea/estimates.
    4) By when do you think the service will be live. The sooner the better :slight_smile:

    • Dimitris
      • Support Star

      Hello there shah,

      hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

      1) Yes, each site in our hosting can have one staging site and this doesn't count as a separate site.

      2) Staging sites can be easily migrated to live site, here's how: https://monosnap.com/file/ZxWxooe1pkEURXmfsxxzJOzpua5DVV

      3) We still can't share anything about that, only the fact that each container will be able to host only one WP installation (single or multisite).

      4) Again something that can't share at the moment. The sooner the better, but we also want to provide a more stable system as possible! :slight_smile:

      Thank you,

  • Brad Jones
    • Flash Drive

    Took a domain I wasn't using yet and added a new site in hosting...I know I'm not lvl 4 yet but I will be LoL...

    I do have a few thoughts that I'm going to open a ticket about rather than list them here I think....

    I am using Cloudflare Free to get the domain to point...

  • Spencer Cloud
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    One small thing I would like to suggest is the ability to change the database prefix from the UI, instead of needing to do it through an FTP client to edit wp-config.php directly. It's not a big deal, but I think it could be a small change that would make a lot of people happy.

  • Live-Tech
    • MasterZ

    Suggested changes

    When you log into the dash for hosting on the initial screens.
    * More tooltips
    * Text mentions of known enforced limits
    * Include/Exclude install of wpmudev dash, snapshot,defender,smartcrawl
    * Server/Network Status monitor

    • Dimitris
      • Support Star

      Hello Director98248,

      I'm glad to know that you're testing our new Hosting service! :slight_smile:

      In order to add your domain and make it primary, you should go to Hosting, click on the "Manage" button for your newly created site and then navigate to the "Domains" tab.
      In there you will find the CNAME, A and AAA records of your new server. All you have to do is to update the DNS records of this domain, to point to these values.
      After doing so and letting some time to pass by in order for the new values to propagate, you should "Add domain" again in the "Domains" tab in our Hosting. When their DNS and SSL status becomes green, so they both resolve successfully, you will be able to set this domain as primary, using the little three dots on the right side.

      Hostin Documentation (still a work in progress): https://premium.wpmudev.org/docs/hosting/

      Take care,

  • RoyR
    • Flash Drive

    I read through the documentation, and it seems the documentation is wanting to point the 'www' as a CNAME causing yet another record lookup. In today's world of taking an extra 2 ms is slowing the site down (rolling eyes), pointing 'www' as a CNAME is not best practice.

    Will it be possible to just point 'www' subdomain to the primary IP address as an A record instead? That is what we do with all our sites. And limit the amount of CNAME's.

  • Mikel
    • New Recruit

    Hey Ronnie Burt

    Does ssh include rsync?

    Are we talking LAMP or LEMP stack?

    PHP7.2 <=? (fpm???)
    MySql 8.x <=?

    Remote DB access should only be offered via ssh tunnel.

    Will this be a flat WordPress install or something like Trellis where wp-content is stored in an app directory and WordPress in a sibling level wp directory?

    Will client S3 drives be supported for offloading image bloat?

    Will specs for local developer vagrant and dockers be published?

    Will any of the recent WordPress forks be supported?

  • Kenn
    • Flash Drive

    Great service, I would like to see a way for us to disable plugins, that may have caused the site to crash, when activated.

    Also, would like to have a way to add the default WPMU Plugins and settings (defender, smush, etc...) back onto the site that was migrated over from another hosting account.

  • Donovan
    • New Recruit

    I'm set up my first site and am intersted in doing my. I do have my own dedicated server that I use for all my clients, but if the pricing is right I may just migrate everything over. Have you guys solidified your pricing for this yet? Thanks.

  • Philippe
    • Flash Drive

    Hi. Interesting concept:
    A) Dedicated IP with every dedicated hosting account which means this is basically a cloud environment where many dedicated cloud accounts on a single dedicated server. CORRECT?
    B) Do we get full access to cpanel or just FTP file transfers?
    C) Can we request for extra IP's should we need them?
    D) Free SSL "Let's Encrypt" OK, This doesn't work for SUB.domains.com for network sub-sites, which means we need to paid wildcard or mulitiste SSL certificates. Can we do that or is that done through you guys?
    E) 5gb storage: Before I move from my UNLIMITED bandwidth and 25gb storage I need to see accurate pricing plans please.
    F) phpmyadmin: is this direct access or just a data-file access through a plugin of some kind?
    G) What is the ram server speed cap before a busy site gets messages "you need to upgrade your account to avoid slow speeds" amount?
    H) Your hosting WP sites: do we get full access to wp files or are they limited? Do we install our own wp or do you manage that as well?

    These are questions that need answering before I could consider moving onto what seems to very much be a cloud system.

    • Michael
      • The Incredible Code Injector

      Those are a lot of questions. Guess you need to read the manual first :wink: But it seems you are a bit... "not so pleased" with cloud-servers? Can you explain why please? I don't get it. I have Bitname Google servers, I have GCP servers, self hosted servers (company/locally then), one.com thingies, you name it. But what's wrong with Cloud servers? I don't read you, I guess. (and *whispering mode on*: yes I think WPMU is using cloud services: I was able to choose 2 different geographic locations for my hosting. Might be Cloud stuff, but keep it quiet).

      • Philippe
        • Flash Drive

        NO real problem with cloud in it's self was just wanting to clear the air on it. That's all as it wasn't mentioned anywhere where dedicated hosting is constantly mentioned. Nothing wrong with clearing the air on facts is there or was it suppose to be all Hush Hush, lol.

        This still does NOT answer the rest of the questions and as asked by many what are the prices going to be.
        What actual control/access do we actually have over wp files, database and source files. Are they limited, controlled/managed etc.

        Just a rundown on the questions above from the first post.

        NOTE: Yes I am careful when it comes to hosting because they all say they do one thing and most deliver something else or there is always an excuse to why it's so slow. been caught out a few times over this years.
        Access to files source codes and database is also a very important factor as is what are the database restrictions.
        Then there is the Email factor, they are asking everyone to use plugins, redirects etc because it isn't supplied with the hosting account. Honestly who hosts websites these days and not supply email access.
        From what I have read "and I could be wrong here and have mis-read" but redirect URLs, Emails etc. Something sounds amiss somewhere and with NO documentation on anything questions are bound to be asked with answers expected.
        Do you realize when it comes to a website being indexed and if your site is already indexed well in say google "just off the top of my head" that changes to URL's and redirects affects that sites indexing status and it can take months not days to re-cope that status.
        All questions are valid!

        And since we are talking about what is hush hush and not lets throw in another question in the works.

        Is support for these hosting accounts going to always be free is there plans to introduce paid support once it takes off.

        Precaution is far better than time wasted on cures. Shhhhhhh!


        Don't mis-understand me the WPMUdev support team thus far have been great at trying to solve issues with their plugins when there is one even if it does take a few different support members before getting there and I respect that, but hosting is a whole new different ball game.

    • Flavio
      • Pirayax

      Mine is broken BTW. For the live stats I'm getting this errors:

      system.ram: chart not found on url "/api/v1/chart?chart=system.ram"
      system.io: chart not found on url "/api/v1/chart?chart=system.io"
      system.io: chart not found on url "/api/v1/chart?chart=system.io"
      system.cpu: chart not found on url "/api/v1/chart?chart=system.cpu"
      system.net: chart not found on url "/api/v1/chart?chart=system.net"
      system.net: chart not found on url "/api/v1/chart?chart=system.net"
      statsd_timer_wordpress.load_time: chart not found on url "/api/v1/chart?chart=statsd_timer_wordpress.load_time"
      mysql_Live.queries: chart not found on url "/api/v1/chart?chart=mysql_Live.queries"
      phpfpm_local.requests: chart not found on url "/api/v1/chart?chart=phpfpm_local.requests"
      nginx_local.requests: chart not found on url "/api/v1/chart?chart=nginx_local.requests"
      memcached_local.get_rate: chart not found on url "/api/v1/chart?chart=memcached_local.get_rate"
      memcached_local.cache: chart not found on url "/api/v1/chart?chart=memcached_local.cache"

  • Ron Seigel
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Well....my first thoughts...

    MEH! Nothing special.

    It's a Digital Ocean setup so those that know servers well can go straight to DO - otherwise Cloudways is THE choice IMHO when it comes to managed hosting.

    I guess a LOT (everything actually) will depend on pricing but then again I don't care much about pricing when it comes to hosting.

    Based on my experience with the WPMU CDN (it wasn't good - actually it was horrid) I'll stick with Cloudways.

  • Philippe
    • Flash Drive


    Why is there still pricing on this. I think it's been pretty clear that based on all the issues and restrictions that this is obviously necessary to be able to move on.
    It already takes quite a bit of work to move from one server to another not to mention all the redirects and access restrictions involved.

    I am not doing anything towards getting involved in this until I see pricing and exact details on every access restriction this has plus the guarantee that moving my site(s) won't create online issues as I have read above.

    This may be a beta your testing out but I feel your releasing this has been very much premature given there is absolutely no documentation on anything.

    One of the key aspects of using a WP bases to create websites is because some of use don't know how to use SSH and your system is pretty much forcing us to. The other key aspect of using cPanel is having control and yet you have also removed that. The other is editing access is also required and yet that is also been restricted.

    From what I can see and the only thing I see is you guys are going to be charging heaps more if we want access to these features and that is where the catch really is as the more restrictions uses accept in the beginning will only mean more dollars later on which is why you probably don't want to give out prices now to get as many people to use you guys as possible first.

    I will look at this if and when you get these details done.


    • Oguz
      • QA Engineer

      Hey Philippe ,

      Hope you're well.

      I just want to mention if you check our Documentation page https://premium.wpmudev.org/docs/ you can see the new Hosting section. It's not 100% complete yet, but still, it covers basic things.

      If you don't mind, I also want to ask a couple of question to improve our hosting more :slight_smile:

      One of the key aspects of using a WP bases to create websites is because some of use don't know how to use SSH and your system is pretty much forcing us to.

      The main point of the managed hosting is to keep customers on managing websites instead of managing servers. So we are trying to keep clients away from server managing tools like cPanel... And we are trying to make hosting panel as much as usable for even non-technical people. So can you give more details about what forced you to use SSH? Maybe we can design a better solution for that.

      There is no cPanel because we are thinking it's unnecessary, all servers on our hosting have only 1 WordPress installation and all necessary tools for WordPress is on our panel. But if you point us to why you are thinking you need cPanel, we can think a solution for that too.

      For the pricing, I can't give numbers :slight_smile: But I am sure it will be competitive with the other WordPress managed hosting services. Plus, you will have 3 free sites with your WPMUDEV account.


  • thebastion
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Can we PLEAAAAAAASE get to the pricing bit already?! I have a number of sites I would happily move across to WPMU, I have played with the beta and as most of my sites are quite simple have had no real issues. I have one site I absolutely need to move by the end of the month.

    Clearly I can't move a client site to new hosting if I cannot quote them a price!

    As a long time customer of WPMU the 3 free sites is a complete (and welcome) bonus, but before I commit to a hosting change I need to know the pricing. Come on, treat us to a New Years present!

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hey there all! :slight_smile:

    Pricing model will be published and shared across our blog, forums and our newsletters, as soon as possible. I do appreciate the interested in this, I wish I could provide you an estimated time about it, but there's actually no such information that I could share.

    Warm regards,

  • Paul
    • New Recruit

    Prices are important. Will you guys this new service/product so that it can be resold.

    I can sell future clients hosting (monthly income), maintenance (monthly income) and even build the site for them (one time income).

    • Ron Seigel
      • WPMU DEV Initiate

      Pricing is way less important than you realize (outside of actually having pricing which we don't have yet in this case).

      We literally take the managed WP hosting that we purchase, triple the price and resell that to our customers with not a single complaint about price. I have no doubt that we could sell it at 10X the price if we chose to. :wink:

      Back to your original point though - clearly WPMU DEV ***really*** jumped the gun on this whole hosting thing. I'm blown away that they've been asked this question 1000 times and still haven't released their pricing model.

      • amused
        • friend of Bill. W.

        i respectfully disagree.
        the product is still in beta !!!
        surely management would already have a pretty good idea of their expenses involved but the beta may not just be for technical feedback alone, but also feedback on demand which can determine pricing.
        they have already posted the exact plan levels ;
        they have already very generously given 3 free sites !!!
        they have repeatedly announced that the pricing would be comparative to shared hosting.
        yes indeed everyone would love to know in advance all details to make plans,
        just seems to me a bit of ungratefulness, impatient and non constructive feed back.
        just my opinion,
        i could be wrong

        • Ron Seigel
          • WPMU DEV Initiate

          And I disagree with you.

          There's no "given" here. As a paying member for years now I've paid PLENTY (as have a LOT of others here) with some spectacularly lackluster releases of plugins (which is the only reason I'm here).

          3 cheap 1gig accounts does NOTHING for my company or our clients - for the record.

  • Ronnie Burt
    • Hosting & Biz Dev

    Hi all, I'm closing this thread and starting a new one as we are getting closer to a full release.

    As part of that, you'll now find our projected pricing here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/hosting/#wpmud-hg-hosting-landing-plan-price

    Being able to upgrade to larger plans or create more than the first 3 sites is in our Quality Assurance process now, and we are as anxious to get it released and available to you all as anyone! We are pushing just as quickly as we can :slight_smile:

    Thanks all for the feedback here! We continue to welcome ideas, criticism, praise, and questions as we move forward!

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