[Hosting] Disable privacy mode on staging

I'm trying to migrate a copy of my staging site (on WPMU DEV hosting) to a local server. However, since the staging sites on WPMU DEV hosting have HTTP Authentication enabled, Shipper gives me a warning that the migration might fail due to that.
I can see no way to disable the privacy mode of the staging site from the Hosting Hub. Is there a way that the hosting team can disable it for me, at least temporarily?
Please advice.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello KeepitFabulous

    I hope you're fine today!

    Our admins temporarily disabled HTTP Auth on your staging site but please note that we can't guarantee it will stay that way until manually re-enabled. This is due to how the staging feature is built. It's not supposed to be publicly available and the Auth is applied automatically. I don't know the details but from what I've been told, if there's any nginx (webserver) configuration change pushed live (e.g. due to general update) it'll be automatically reverted.

    For now, it's completely disabled for your staging site.

    Kind regards,

  • KeepitFabulous
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    This isnt a permanent solution to my issue. Isn't it a normal worklflow to go staging to local and then local to staging, I dont understand how your own product will not allow me to do the simpilest thing. I cant use it because it is locked again. This isnt ok As far as I am concerened I still cannot get a copy of my site out from you guys no matter what I try!!!!

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi KeepitFabulous,

    This is currently an issue and our developers are working on some additional migration methods for 1.1 Shipper release and that will allow doing a migration from sites that have HTTP Authentication popup like staging site on our hosting.

    Until then you can use SSH to do the migration manually, it can be a bit tricky but I will add all of the steps needed below and hopefully that will help.

    You can go to Hosting panel, switch to SSH/SFTP tab for your site and create new SSH details in there.
    Once you have those ready open up a terminal on your PC and connect to staging site.
    In SSH/SFTP tab, when you create new account you can click on Info icon and it will give you copy/paste command for the terminal, it will look something like this:
    ssh sshusernam@domain.com
    Paste that in terminal, hit enter and first ask for confirmation so type yes and hit enter again.
    It will now ask for your SSH password so enter it and hit enter to connect to SSH.

    Now you will need to navigate to WP root folder and create file and DB backups in there.
    To navigate to root folder use this command:
    cd ~/site/public_html
    Then create DB backup with this:
    wp db export backup.sql
    And file backup with this:
    zip -r backup.zip .

    Your staging root folder will now have backup.zip and backup.sql files which will be backup of your entire staging site and you can transfer that to your local installation and do a restore there.

    If you're continuing with a terminal on local site you can use this to unzip your backup.zip once it's placed in root folder:
    unzip backup.zip
    And you can restore SQL backup with this:
    wp db import backup.sql

    You will need to replace the domain now in the DB and you can do that with a command like this:
    wp search-replace "https://sourcesite.com" "https://destination.com"

    Once that is done you will need to update the wp-config.php with your localhost DB details and that should be it.

    Best regards,

  • KeepitFabulous
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    yes thank for your help. This is my overall assessment since I've joined.

    What I've come to expect from WPMU:

    Service and Support is Rockstar 100% makes the money worth it and really should be the product you sell I could not do it without u
    The Community: Love it: I'm staying forever, i learn a ton and crave the supportive Environment
    Plugins: ok WHEN they work but not the reason I stay
    Hosting - Was not the right choice for my production site. Should have kept it as a development area

    Overall, the service, support, and Community are the True Rockstars. Ditch the cartoon superheros: Lead with your people. They are the real superheros!

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi KeepitFabulous,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, we appreciate any feedback sent our way and I'm going to forward this over to our management team as they have a place where they talk about this stuff and I'm sure this is something they would want to look at.

    We're constantly working on further improving both plugins and hosting, together with other services we offer, so hopefully, the next time we get your feedback like this you'll have more satisfaction with entire package :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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