[Hosting] I need to free up space on my server

My server storage is almost full and I want to free up space. I've removed large Snapshot backups, but I see that hosting backups are taking 7.4 GB storage. Could you help me free up space?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Jason

    I hope you're well today!

    It seems that there are still some big Snapshot backups on a staging site and they are taking additional space. I understand that there's been some backup removed from the production site but then those staging site backups are still using up space.

    You could remove them either via snapshot itself or using SFTP from the /wp-content/uploads/snapshot folder. I didn't do this because there was no explicit permission granted during the chat and I don't know if you want to keep some of them or not - it'd be best if you would do this. Just make sure that only the crucial ones, that you absolutely need, are kept on both production and staging site.

    Once that's done, let me know please and I'll ask our sys-admins to "force backup" again (the hosting backup) so it wouldn't include those files anymore ("backup in backup") and that should lower the usage further down.

    I would also strongly recommend using Snapshot with only backups to remote destinations instead of "local" ones as otherwise it will very quickly "eat up" the storage space again.

    Kind regards,

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