[HOSTING] migration issues

I try to migrate via Shipper mu subdirectory multisite but it fail. During chat we made SSH migration and this works ok.

However, after migration the sites, URLs was still old and many searches replace solution fails.

After some time we manage to fix most URLs. Still one domain requires URLrepacement because this was a mapped domain.

The second issue is that images display correctly on the site but not on the site’s media library.

The Regenerate Thumbnails plugins does not help.

Can we fix this as well?

More info in ticket data.

Thank you

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi trilliumcoastits

    I hope you’re well today!

    I checked the site. I was able to update those “fireinspections” URL that couldn’t be updated during the chat but while this part is sorted, it still didn’t bring back images.

    The images are actually there. The paths and URLs in db seems to be fine. There shouldn’t be any need to regenerate thumbnails as well as they are there too. Even more – if you open the site (e.g. “fireinspections”:wink: and check its source code, the images are there, they are just not loaded.

    I admit I’m not sure why this happens and I’m a bit stuck but I’ve asked our developers to check it too so they’ll investigate the issue and I’m sure we’ll be able to find a solution for this.

    Please keep an eye on this ticket and we’ll update you here as soon as we know more about the issue.

    Best regards,


  • Tho Bui
    • Staff

    Hi trilliumcoastits,

    I'm curious how to you got this issue. Are you trying to change prefix or convert a single site to a subsite of MU site? As I said you, I remember I see some wrong in post meta key, ex: _wp_2_attached_file instead of _wp_attached_file or _wp_2_attachment_metadata instead of _wp_attachment_metadata. Looks like you try to change prefix wp_ to wp_x_. I attached you some standard post meta key have meta key like _wp_***, so you can check on your postmeta table if have any wrong meta key name here.

    Best Regards,

    Tho Bui

  • trilliumcoastits
    • New Recruit

    I am trying to import single site installs into a multisite network. So my process has been:

    1) Export SQL file from single site install

    2) Find/Replace table prefix from wp_ to wp_#_

    3) Import SQL file to multisite network

    So I guess we’ve found the problem. The question is what do I change in my method? Is it as simple as login into phpMyadmin after the import and updating the value in the table?

    I imagine that if I were to exclude those two table prefixes from the find/replace they would overwrite the tables in the multisite network and break all the other sites correct?

    Please advise

  • Tho Bui
    • Staff

    Hello trilliumcoastits,

    In step 2: 2) Find/Replace table prefix from wp_ to wp_#_

    I suggest only replace table prefix on usermeta and options table.

    You can follow this guide to import single-site installs into a multisite network:


    So I guess we've found the problem. The question is what do I change in my method? Is it as simple as login into phpMyadmin after the import and updating the value in the table?

    In that case, to make sure your site working correctly, I suggest you try to import DB again. Because as step2, maybe you also changed the meta key or value like this abcwp_xxx to abcwp_#_xxx.


    If you can use SSH, you can check WP CLI command guide, I usually use wp search-replace while manually migrate the site to replace the site url: https://developer.wordpress.org/cli/commands/search-replace/

    And I also have a chance try to import single-site installs into a multisite network for a member, and I created an MU plugin to add some custom WP CLI command line. So if you try on SSH, you can try a custom command line wp wpmudev-single-to-sub [oldsite_prefix]_ [subsite_id] --dry-run which uses as a guide here:


    You can download a zip, unzip it and upload file wpmudev-custom-wp-cli-command.php to your wp-content/mu-plugins folder. If that folder doesn’t exist you can simply create it.

    After installing this MU plugin, please go to your admin side, create a new subsite that you want to import old single-site to this. Try to import DB your single site via phpMyadmin or you can log in SSH and try wp db import command line, more detail here https://developer.wordpress.org/cli/commands/db/import/. And then you can try this command line:

    wp wpmudev-single-to-sub [oldsite_prefix]_ [subsite_id] --dry-run

    Replace oldsite_prefix with your prefix of the single-site, subsite_id with Subsite ID.


    wp wpmudev-single-to-sub wp_ 2 --dry-run

    Please remove –dry-run to complete the replacement.

    Please note, this MU will help you RENAME the table name, table prefix, import users to global table users and update users/subsite id in some standard tables (included Budypress and Defender tables), please check detail in the MU plugin. And use this MU at your own risk. If something goes wrong, it could break your site. Before applying this command line, make sure to back up your DB by run wp db export.

    Hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,

    Tho Bui

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