Hosting on Amazon Web Services

Hi all,

I’m building a BuddyPress site that needs to be able to scale to our potential user load – so I was thinking of using Amazon Web Services. It seemed to me that as we finish developing the site we would probably qualify for their Free Tier, but as we need more resources the service will scale up and we’ll pay whatever that cost is.

However I’m having trouble figuring out:

1 – Will BuddyPress work on AWS like on other hosts (after initial setup), or do I need to become/hire a server admin just to do maintain the service?

2 – It seems to me that the free service is enough for us now, and that we’ll only pay for what we use when our site launches – but with all the seperate products AWS includes, I’m not sure if the cost will spiral out of control?

3 – Is there a tutorial (trust me I’ve googled this a lot) for getting WP/BP to work on AWS?

4 – lastly, am I going down the wrong path with this? Is there a better option for hosting that is somewhat similarly scalable, but also semi-affordable?

Thanks a ton in advance! – E