[Hosting] Site is down

My hosted site looks down. I noticed this in this morning (in Japan time). I also can not use SFTP access to your server now, and I have been able to use it until yesterday. So, I think this is a server issue. Could you help me?

  • Mohammad Sharab
    • Staff


    hope you are having a great day and sorry to hear about the issue you encountered.

    Our developers checked this issue and after confirming that it is a server side issue, they were able to solve it. I’ve checked your Production and Staging sites and both are working fine as well as the SFTP connection.

    Please check and let me know how it goes.

    Kind Regards,
    Mohammad Sharab

      • The Crimson Coder

      Hello Mohammad Sharab

      I have checked my site, and it is working now.

      This is a big issue for users not including me.
      I require an explanation following.
      [1] Why this happened?
      [2] How will you operation hosting system not to so same thing again?

      King Regards


  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Very sorry for the downtime you experienced. This is the report we received from our cloud provider:

    Start: 2019-05-13 12:30 UTC


    We have identified an issue on the physical machine hosting one or more of your Droplets, which are listed below. In order to minimize disruption, we will be attempting a migration of the Droplets to a healthier physical machine. Throughout the migration, control panel and API events will not succeed for the affected Droplet(s) including power offs, resizes, and attempts to destroy the Droplet.

    In order to minimize downtime, we will first attempt to perform live migrations in all possible cases. A live migration would result in no downtime, but minor performance decreases in disk I/O and a second or less of packet loss as the network is switched over to the new physical host.

    In the event that we are not able to perform a live migration of a Droplet, we will perform an offline migration during which the Droplet will be powered off and migrated offline during the window.

    We apologize for any inconvenience, and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns- simply reply to this email, or open up a ticket on your account.

    Affected Droplets:

    These kind of issues do happen to one or two out of our thousands of hosted sites each week. In only 2 or 3 cases in the last 6 months was a sever unable to boot after recovery like happened to your site.

    We have tasks that we are working on to forward these kind of messages to customers, as well as build new monitoring processes that can detect this specific kind of issue for our SysAdmin team to manually respond to in case it happens again.

    • The Crimson Coder

    Hello Support
    This hosting (eduvlogs.wpmudev.host) was test purpose for me ,so I tried to delete this.
    However, I was not able to complete this by interface.
    Something that you were doing , when fixing my site, may cause this.
    Would you mind investigating for me please.
    If you can delete this, please delete it (eduvlogs.wpmudev.host)
    I do not need this anymore.

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