Hosting that provides a good SSL system for multisite?

Hi Guys,

Signup for my free trial a few days ago and really like the brad swath of services WPMU Dev covers!

After reading Rachel's blog post about using Multisite for client sites I really would like to try and set something like that up. However, I had a few question about SSL and more specifically Let's Encrypt.

I am currently hosting all of my client sites on So far the service has been stellar. With the flexibility, speed and affordability of their platform.

But, their built in let's encrypt utility only allows me to install on certificate per site. This has been working great for me so far as all of my client sites are on single wp installs. But if I want to transition to a Multisite for managing client sites this won't work out very well.

I was wondering if you had any suggestions for providing cheap SSL for a multisite network (using the amazing domain mapping plugin). Is this just a shortfall on Cloudways part, and I should look for a more capable host? Or do I need to look at other methods (possibly CloudFlare?).

Any input would be greatly appreciated.