Hosting - Website Down - HELP!

Hello: I am using as psek my host for a multi site. My site has gone down and I get warnings to not go to my website from webroot because it is potentially a dangerous site. This scares me because my visitors may get the same message. Today I cannot get to my site using firefox but internet explorer works. I do not know anything about hosting but I need a solution and am seriously considering changing to hostgator which i use for other sites. My website is

This is the message I received from psek:

"your site is hitting max concurrent FastCGI PHP processes limit which was set to 5. We can see that your PHP scripts try to connect to your site via web which indicates you have external references to your own site. This may cause problems since a single request to your site causes additional HTTP requests and thus abusing system resources by creating additional Apache and PHP processes. We've increased limit of max concurrent FastCGI PHP processes to 10 but please check your web-site code/design."

Can anyone tell me what this means in plain English? I had mpmu set my site up and I have no clue what this means. Thanks!