[Hosting] When will subdomain multisite hosting be available?

Wondering if there is a timeline on this? Thank you.

  • Ronnie Burt
    • Hosting & Biz Dev

    Hi Hassan Christopher - thanks for the question!

    I was actually just working on docs about this :slight_smile:

    We can support subdomain Multisite now. There are a couple of things to note:

    - our team can help convert to subdomain install if you need. You can't yet create a new subdomain install on your own.
    - subdomain installs are more resource intensive, so our smallest plan, which is all that is currently available, will not be enough for most Multisite installs, especially subdomain installs. You might reach memory and CPU limits much faster.
    - in order to handle SSL, you'll need to provide us with a wildcard certificate. Our team can install it for you - SSL support is the main reason why we don't yet allow the creation of new subdomain installs automatically just yet.
    - you'll also need wildcard DNS, or you would need to add each subdomain to the domains tab in our hosting management area. That's no different than other hosts though :slight_smile:

    How does that all sound? Would this be a new Multistie from scratch or a migration?

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