[Hosting] White Label?

I know in one of the other posts here you mention that having "sub accounts" for Hosting is being considered. Would this all be white-label-able? Could it be possible to work in some kind of payment gateway so that we can "resell" the hosting login access to clients? And are there also any plans to incorporate domain sales into the hosting equation?

If your hosting works well enough that I can completely ditch my current host, with whom I have a private white-label reseller account for my client's sites (currently using WHMCS), I will literally dance for you.

I'm beyond excited to see this launch out of beta, you folks are the dream team! Please keep us updated on the timeline for all this, my contract renews at my current host in a few months and I'd love to just peace out.

  • James Farmer

    Greg Kasia is absolutely correct but I'm interested to clarify exactly what you're after... is is basically access to the suite of cpanel tools / data info that your clients can individually access on their own domain?

    If so, which specific tools / reports are you thinking about? We're definitely not going to replicate cpanel but we can and will offer similar reporting tools to https://premium.wpmudev.org/reports/ within the sites themselves which will be completely white label, including stats etc.

    And you can, of course, set up google apps for email etc.

    Let us know :slight_smile:

    • Greg

      Hi James Farmer ,

      I wondered basically if I'd be able to resell the hosting for single-site installs. So for example I could say to my users "Click here to create your site," and the user would be directed to your hosting, pay whatever, and be able to create and manage a site on my account. They'd have access to the Hosting dashboard (for only their site), as well as log into the WP Admin. I'd be able to manage all of the sites, but they'd only see their own Hosting dashboard. Sort of like a "Super Admin" vs "Admin" situation, but for the actual Hosting, above the WP admin. The client would be billed through the Hub or something for hosting their site on my account, which would have my company's branding.

      Hopefully that makes sense, although it sounds like it's not really in the plans regardless. I was basically brainstorming whether I could ditch my WHMCS/cPanel reseller hosting for single site installs, since cPanel is kind of overkill for most of my clients. If I could resell your hosting under my own branding and set it up so that the default site includes a few of my own custom plugins, I'd even be able to ditch my multisite/Pro Sites setup, where instead of selling sites in a multisite with Pro Sites, I'd just sell single sites on my account with you. That'd be raaaaad.

  • Jonathan

    Any news on this? I would also like to be able to offer my clients this hosting packaged with the plugin suite & make it look like a sweet steal for them, would love to have some kind of automation where a client can update their plan via my website & also have the pass-through billing. There should also be a reseller /bulk price of course. I see it being a huge up for both wpmudev & us! :new_moon_with_face:

    • James Farmer

      I agree this would be wonderful (and, in fact, I'm keen on it!) but right now the development funnel (in this area looks like this).

      1. Polish off a few more features (like email forwarding, some Multisite stuff) for hosting
      2. Hub 2.0 (this'll transform how you use WPMU DEV) including batch management, pre-sets / recipes, 'seats' for other users, integration with hosting
      3. I thiiiink we could use the 'seats' functionality to provide what you are after (you create user A, you select a 'template' experience for them, domain level hub.theirdomain.tld)

      However as you can probably guess #3 is no small proposition, and I didn't even mention billing... I mean yeh we've got fully white label plugins and reports 2.0 is also gonna be awesome as well (current one is pretty good!) which *does* give you a white label experience for your clients. But providing a fully white label reseller experience is solid Plesk / WHM / cPanel territory (and that's super mature) - not to mention serious data centre investments in order to give you proper economies of scale.

      However, having said that, we're gonna do some pretty heavy surveying of members once Hosting and Hub 2.0 are out (maybe just after hosting) and we'll definitely probe the level of interest in this.

      • Jonathan

        Looking forward to that Hub 2.0, well it doesn't have to be that difficult especially if not too many people are interested, what I can do is setup recurring payments on a specific account & then just have that same account auto pay here the only thing is if someone upgrade or cancels then we'll have to manually do it here but that isn't much of a problem, for my case it would just be me managing their website & hosting so they may not even need to login themselves. For my case, even just having a reseller account that has extra perks like discounted hosting would be good enough. Maybe even having an affiliate program for hosting similar to Kinsta can work.

        • James Farmer

          We'll definitely look into it.

          In terms of affiliate stuff, I'm very much against $ affiliate stuff... it's the bane of the web, IMO, although the more I don't see google in any way penalising affiliate sites (regulation might... but I doubt it) the more it feels like we're making a bit of a pointless stance, sigh :disappointed:

          Bulk discounts for sure for larger users, although our current hosting margins are basically negative at the moment when you factor in all the human costs... which I guess at least means everyone here is getting a a really good deal lol.

      • Lashan

        Hi there, I think the seats function would be great start. Speaking for myself, I setup most of my clients and can handle the billing separately. I would like to even bundle the hosting with other value added stuff like maintenance etc. So maybe a phased approach where you start with the "seats" function where I can create a users and specify which sites they have access to and subsequent phases can have billing and ultimately the full re-seller experience.

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