Hosting with psek, is it ness?

Hi, I need help with hosting. When I bought the packaged install - it recommended psek - since then, I've found out that domainsatretail look to be offering a much better deal, plus I know their customer service is good. Where I can't get anyone on the line at psek. Do I need psek, or can I switch to another hosting acount?

  • Rick Lewis

    I am with Psek as well and initially was about to shoot myself based on the actual install of the old plugins and so on. That was not their fault though as they only installed what they were given.

    My first month was terrible as the site had a lot of downtime. Realize though it is SHARED hosting. You have to deal with downtime here and there as when some idiot runs a bad script or some other issue, your site can and will be effected.

    There service though is very fast and good. Even when the site is down and it's their fault, they are very apologetic and professional. They have no problem escalating issues to the proper people or departments.

    I recently had a bandwidth issue where we were maxed out. They helped clear up a few trouble spots and then gave me a free month to upgrade so I wouldn't have the same issues. We are monitoring the bandwidth to see if the upgrade is going to be needed which in our case it does so the free month was great for us.
    I don't know about the other company you mentioned or how their support is but I would caution you in trying to move around just based on cost. In most cases they are all the same and you do get what you paid for.

    When I had many sites on a VPS it was way different then what I have with Shared hosting. You do have to consider also downtime for moving and doing that work.

    As for contacting them all you need to do is go to their site and click on the contact link. Or log in and make a support ticket.
    Phone support
    Phone: (800) 737-1280
    (Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm PST)

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