hotel/guest house/car/services booking


I dont know in Australia, states or anywhere lese but in France :

53% of people book their hotel on the net. Only 9% of hotel have a transactional booking site... This is a great market.

Now, outthere there is a booking plugin. Another monster, gaz powerplant, totally user UNfriendly, and very expensive.

We would nned, perhaps as a marketpress plugin, something that could :

Plan, book and PAY for a travel (standard product), rooms, and other several services, create packages (room + excursion + anything else).

You guys have a nice way to manage quite user friendly plugins, and that would be a very great product, perhaps even a good WPMUDEV appeal product.

The "marketpress plugin way" could be just great because we could manage a hotel portal, with several booking on a multisite.

My 2 cents of the day, becaus i definitly dont want to buy this [~{[\@\|`\ censored] booking plugin.

cheers :slight_smile:

  • Timothy Bowers

    I think MarketPress is the perfect plat form. It could be an extendable plugin.

    We spoke about using it for ticket sales in other threads and I think Marketpress would be fantastic because of how it works with multiple sites, gateways, etc and so adding a plugin to a plugin to make it more seems to make sense to me.

    This way you could have a global market place of products, tickets, rooms to book, etc, etc. Imaging its being MarketMall instead of just MarketPress. :slight_smile:

  • Aphrodite

    Event manager / booking is in fact quite different.

    Was thinking about marketpress as framework, not necessarly as support but booking rooms/services, creates packages in fact is different because of limited places (room, capacity etc.)

    Marketpress as the multisite integration and possibility to centralize things , that was why i thought about it.

    Tickets is a single product, with a stock. Rooms have servives in plus. (breakfeast, type of brekfeast, etc..) quite different in fact.

  • nelnehal

    i was thinking of this could work

    an events plugin that would have custom fields i.e you can add date, time, calendar, text, and any other field. you would then be able to add a shopping cart to each event.

    the main thing i feel limiting in a events plugin is custom fields. each event can be different. each booking can be different. simply having a date and time and discription may not be custom enough.

    Instead of integrating it with marketpress it would be better if each event could have its payment module where we can make it a shopping cart as well.

    or we could do it the other way round which would be even better

    1) create custom fields for marketpress for user input. this would make things alot easier.

    so for every product, you can add date, time discription, price, text, dropdown menus, calendar.

  • nelnehal

    or we could have custom fields for market press + an add on for bookings (date, time, calendar) and another add on for events. the custom fields would take care of details such as number of people, details, etc while the bookings and events add on would be able to create the availiability part.

    However i think bookings and events are two different things. events would be displayed publically where as bookings would not.

    events plugin that could be integrated with marketpress as a module and marketpress would have its own custom fields for user input
    booking plugin that could be integratied with marketpress as a module and marketpress would have its own custom fields for user input

  • Aphrodite

    The problem are packages or composed products, at specific prices but that have influence on global stock. (room, place, services etc.)

    Custumfields are not so user friendly unless they are "hidden" behind a nice interface.

    That must be used by newbies, must be VERY simple to use, even if the admin sction is more "developper friendly". Once paramters set, the basic user MUST use that very simply, and more : he MUST have alrets, detailed, by mail or in dashboard, to have all informations (booking, stocks, free places etc... ) on one eye.

    Just think that the interface MUST also be used by the user by phone for ex, and manage his rooms/services in accordance to THIS systeme.

    That means this is not just a booking by net plugin : it is a CENTRALIZED hotel/service management system....

    And more : each product/room/service must not be "just" a product but as market press a full article, with description, enhanced photos, even mini slides.

    Progresses now are very fast. Just have a look on Apple apps for Ipad and how nice and user friendly are thoses systems....

  • Aphrodite

    No this is not a problem.

    The target of that is all hotel / services sellers that at the moment just use... A manual book !

    The target is all small / mediaum hotels that did NOT invest yet in this kind of system because it is just VERY expensive.

    Target is guest house, bead & breakfeast, riads, short time rent houses.

    Communicating with an existing system is not really a problem. Whose who have this kind of system (generally very expensive) already have their booking system.

    A free room is just an "in stock" item. Not so hard.

    By the way, that should be on a password protected front end part for all "daily" management (visual free rooms/services, manual booking (by phone) : addind a ressource, change prices, create products packages....

    This discussion is important. ANd I will interrogate hotel owner to understand their need.

    The existing plugin as told is a real gaz power plant, but that is excatly what it does, but very limited and totally specific, I mean it does not use the whole power of WP as marketpress does for ex.

    The market for this type of plugin is huge, many many smal/medium hotel units that never invest in web because of its enormous amount of monney required.

    We should be able to offer someting operational for aproximatively 1500/2000 USD that is affordable for that kind of unit.

    Even less if this plugin is modular and if we can add several plugins on it so offer deifferent services on the plugin basis.... as market press !

  • Aphrodite

    And in addition, the marketpress model (commission on sitewide transaction) can also be a very god option to offer the service even less expensive.

    That should include portal functions for main site such as serch by price, prestation, location, options, environement item (touristic items/services external to the hotel).

    I will give you the result of a survey done in france from 3000 hotels to explain more details of that problematic.... The added value of any guest house is all the extenal ressources (touristic items, visits, buildings, children interests etc). Those informations should be included in the hotel sites, and searchable, as does any real estate system :wink:

  • neilsayers

    Hi everyone.

    Any more news on an event management or booking plugin?

    I am about to start work on a project for an entertainment agent who looks after DJs, singers, groups, etc. I thought that MarketPress would be a good place to start so that each act can set their own rates... But ideally the site visitors need to be able to check whether or not an act is available on a given night, and then book them for that night.

    Thanks in advance!


  • prescott

    I agree that this could be a big hit -- I'm traveling in Asia right now and am still shocked by how many places want to have an easy to administer website that takes reservations-- and they are stuck using

    If there was a reservation / booking platform, this would be big. However, it should not only support hotel rooms but also hostel places that often book by the bed and will need to allocate beds (8-12 at most) in separate rooms. So a potential customer might want to book 2-4 beds for his girlfriend and another couple for instance... but this would need to let them choose what room to stay in. And some rooms are segregated by male / female, so you would want to make that an option as well... For instance, only one female room is left in the property, well too bad if you are a guy trying to make a reservation. And the software needs to make that distinction understood. Complicated? Yes, perhaps, but a lot of places here need this built because they have no where else to get it!

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